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Playing live roulette has been started for several years now to create the real casino feeling on your screen. Here's our guide.

The Best Online Live Roulette Games Guide

Playing live roulette has been started for several years now to create the real casino feeling on your screen. You might wonder why you should play roulette live?

The reasons are very simple:

  • A real croupier with which you can communicate
  • You see that the ball is thrown and that there is no mess with results
  • Talk to fellow players who are playing on the same table.
  • You get just as much time to place a bet as in a real casino

In short, when you play casino roulette, you get the real casino feeling in your living room. You do not have to travel to a casino, but you can just enjoy a nice game of roulette in your easy chair, behind your computer.

What Is Live Roulette?

Live roulette is the online ‘live’ version of the ancient game that is played. The game was not originally as we currently know it in the casino and has changed over the years.

In the earlier versions of online roulette, it was only possible to follow the game from one camera with poor quality. Fortunately, the game has progressed by leaps and bounds through the innovations of well-known software developers.

Live version roulette is currently a real experience due to the ambiance, good image and sound quality, and the possibility of interaction.

The Difference From Normal Online Roulette

Is there a difference between the live version and the animated online roulette? Just like normal online roulette, it depends on whether you are going to play American roulette or European roulette.

Various Suppliers Offer Live Roulette

The more popular the live version becomes, the more companies there are that will make these kinds of games. The fact is that online casinos themselves do not have a live casino and/or live dealers at all. They ‘rent’ a table + dealer, as it were, which they make available to their guests.

The most famous companies are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

Evolution Gaming

At this point, the experts agree that Evolution Gaming is the market leader in live dealer roulette. You could call it the Apple under live version. Why are they so good? For the following reasons:

  1. They only focus on immersive roulette, i.e. they don’t have normal/flash roulette.
  2. Evolution Gaming has already won several awards for the most innovative games, including evolution live roulette and speed roulette; every year, this company releases a new variant or roulette with separate features that most players enjoy.
  3. Their games are lightning-fast, honest, and the highest quality. 

NetEnt Live

Net Entertainment is the master of virtual (flash) roulette games. In early 2013, they also started facilitating live dealer games, such as live speed roulette. NetEnt started their ‘career’ in live casino games at only two online casinos. After great success, their live games were made public for every online casino. Currently, more than 100 online casinos use their live casino lobby.

In 2016, NetEnt live also became available for mobile casino sites on devices. A Netent spokesperson said that over 39% of all bets were already made via mobile devices. Making their live dealer games available for the tablet and smartphone was a logical consequence.

How Does Live Version Work And What Are The Rules?

The word roulette is nowadays claimed by the French, the Italians, and the devil himself. This is what this game used to be called: the devil game, this is because if you add up all the numbers on the table, you get 666.

The idea of ​​the game is simple: the ball spins in the roulette wheel and comes down to a random number. The player who bet on that number or any of the characteristics (red/black, odd / even or high/low) wins and receives a payout.

As you have noticed, you can bet on many different outcomes in the live version of the roulette game.

In general, the rule is: betting on an outcome with many possibilities (for example, red or black) gives a lower payout. On the other hand, if you bet on one number, the payout is a lot bigger.

Live Roulette Betting Options

There are providers of the live version of the roulette game that have added extra betting options to the wishes of the visitors. This allows the member to apply different betting options.

Some of these forms come from the authentic land based casino; examples of these alternative betting options are the following:

  • Neighbor bets: This can vary between Voisins, Orphans, and Tiers bets.
  • Red snake: You bet on all red numbers that are connected to each other. A red snake is created.
  • Full complete: With a full complete or maximum bet, you bet on all inside bets of a certain number.

Most casino sites have also added the racetrack to their live version roulette. These offer the possibility to bet on certain areas of the table. This allows you to simplify the game and resume it faster.

Return To Player In Live Version

The RTP in roulette is normally 97.3%. There are variations where the RTP is at a different percentage.

For example, Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.10% if you bet on 1 number. In American roulette, due to the different forms of payout, the RTP is also different from 97.3%.

It is easy to find out the RTP percentage of the live roulette table. You can find an overview of this by pressing the question mark or help.

Minimum And Maximum Investment

Another important part of the live version roulette table you are playing at is the minimum and maximum stake. This varies per gambling or live roulette sites. You often see that large online casinos allow a higher maximum deposit than the smaller casinos. This has to do with safety.

 Maximum Payout In Live Version

The maximum payout will, of course, take place with a winning bet on an individual number. Another interesting payout takes place at a ‘ full complete ‘ on the winning number with a maximum stake without betting on anything else.

Believe us, and the payoff will have you feasting. What is the chance that this will work? Not very high . . . but who knows you might be lucky today!

Win Money With Live Roulette

At the live roulette casino, we recommend you only play French roulette – French roulette is the same as European roulette with the extra advantage: the La Partage rule (En prison). That rule means that if you bet on:

  • even / odd, red / black, or 1-18 / 19-36

and the ball drops to zero (green) you get half your bet back! The La Partage rule reduces the house edge of the casino to 1.35%! This is the lowest achievable house edge for the casino. For that reason, you MUST play live versions online at a reputable live roulette casino.

Different Variants Of Live Roulette

French roulette with the La Partage rule is the roulette form that is played. However, there are still some differences in the table that you can choose when playing.

For example, with a live version, you can choose to play with a dealer or without a dealer. In addition, there are roulette tables with different table limits, and if you like good quality, you can also choose from live version or HD live roulette.

Roulette With Or Without Dealer

Some roulette players like to be able to play a new round quickly. You often have to wait a long time (1 minute) for the variant with a dealer until a new round starts. That is why there is also a roulette variant where there is no dealer to be seen. Here only the roulette wheel that is in a casino is filmed, and you can still see who is gambling and who wins how much.

  • Do you like playing a new round quickly? Then play without a dealer!
  • Do you like to be able to place your bet and communicate with a dealer at your leisure? Then play with the dealer!

Table Limits

Every roulette player has his own budget and playing style. That is why one player likes to bet more money per round than another. Therefore, just like in a real casino, online casinos have multiple roulette tables with different table limits.

Roulette Live or Live HD roulette

There is also an HD variant with the live casino roulette. This is for players who want to see everything razor-sharp on their screen. It gives you the maximum feeling of a home casino.

Also, you get about 20 seconds per round to place a new bet, so the image and sound are not only sharper, but there is also good live speed roulette in terms of rounds. With the HD variant, you can also choose to play with a dealer or without a dealer.

Where To Play Live Roulette?

There are a lot of online casinos on the internet nowadays. The question is, of course, which casino is the best to play? We ourselves have played at many online casinos and therefore have our own preference. We select the casinos on the following criteria:

  • Can you pay with the easiest wallet available to you?
  • Will I be paid as soon as possible?
  • Is there Live (HD) roulette available?
  • Is the Casino’s customer service good?

You will find several trustworthy online casinos on the internet. Money can be deposited with different wallets, and your winnings are wonderfully deposited in your account within the promising hours (except on holidays). You may also find HD live roulette available there, and the customer service is 24/7! Feel like popping?

Conclusion On Playing Live Roulette

To be clear right away: always try to avoid online casinos where the live casino just doesn’t look good enough and has been developed by an incompetent team somewhere in Timbuktu with dealers from an unknown country.

After all, you want to play in a live casino that has quality first and in which you can safely deposit and withdraw money.

Be sensible: only play in a live casino recommended by our team that has mandatory licenses and permits.

We also recommend that you only play in an online casino where you can play from the smallest possible amount to the highest possible amount at the same table. This ensures that you can continue to play if you have luck on your side.

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