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You're probably familiar with the Marvel universe. If you love everything Marvel, check out these games and merchandise.

The most popular Marvel games and merchandise

Marvel is one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Founded in 1939, the Disney-owned company is the creator of beloved superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America. If you love everything Marvel, check out these games and merchandise.

Official Marvel clothes, collectibles, and more

If you’re into comics, movies or pop culture in general, you are probably familiar with the Marvel universe. 

More than a dozen Marvel movies have been released in the last decade, including blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, Captain America, and the four movies in the Avengers series. Each new movie also comes with tons of merchandise that is extremely popular among the most devoted Marvel fans.

Marvel’s official website has a store where you can browse hundreds of Marvel-themed items. Here you will find everything from T-shirts and shoes to watches and ties. If you’ve always wanted to own a Spider-Man backpack or an Avengers smartwatch, Marvel’s official web store is the place to be. 

The Marvel store also has a collectibles category where you will find everything you need in your Marvel collection. Buy some cool collectable figurines or pick up the Blu-rays and DVDs that you don’t have yet. There are other places where you can buy official Marvel merch, but you will find the best selection on Marvel’s own web store.

Best Marvel Universe video games and online slots

There have been many Marvel video games throughout the decades. Video games based on comic books are famous for being quite bad, but Marvel Games, the publishing division for Marvel’s video games, have put out some great games over the years. 

The first Marvel video game was Spider-Man, released for the Atari 2600 in 1982. Since then, the company has released several high-quality titles for a wide range of consoles. Highlights include Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3 (2019), Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000), and Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018). A brand new Marvel game called Marvel’s Avengers will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

In addition to video games, many of the most iconic Marvel characters have their own slot machines. Leading game providers such as Playtech and Amaya have used the Marvel license to make popular slots such as Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Iron Man, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk and many more. 

These games are packed with fun features and references to the movies they are based on, and some of them have progressive jackpots that grow over time.

You can find hundreds of video slots based on superheroes and other cool themes in the TeleVega games lobby. If you can’t get enough of the fantastic characters of the Marvel Universe, there are plenty of Marvel games and merchandise to keep you entertained until the next movie comes out!

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