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Watching movies can help people with anxiety deal for various different reasons. We've taken a look at how it can work for some.

Movies help with anxiety

Certain situations or events make us very anxious and nervous at times. Whether it’s an upcoming job interview or a school exam scheduled in a week, the stress may get to you and make life more difficult. Anxiety often leads to a general deterioration of physical and mental health. 

In times of anxiety, we tend to seek things that can calm down and soothe our minds. Whether it’s music, dancing, physical exercise, or video games, recreational activities are a great way to help with anxiety. One of the best methods for coping with anxiety is watching a movie.

How movies change our state of mind?

Watching movies is an excellent way to relax and feel good. Movies can temporarily distract us from the real world by completely engulfing us in the world of fiction. The activity is more than just a pass-time since the storylines, music, and themes hugely affect our moods. 

Some movies are so dramatic that they change our entire life perspectives, our worldview, and anything in between. Such is the power of movies. Depending on the movies’ themes and genres, they can inspire us, make us cry, get us to laugh uncontrollably, or even leave us in a state of suspense.

Watching movies undoubtedly acts as a catalyst for a catharsis of emotions and stress, lifting our moods and giving us reasons to be positive.

Watching movies can help with anxiety

Many cognitive health experts recommend cinema therapy as a treatment for anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. This is because the choice of the movies affects the influence it will have on the viewers, aside from just providing an escape from real life.

What movies to watch

Movies that lift your spirits or help you heal and learn if they offer a reflection of your actual life problems can provide you with enough support to cope with your anxieties. Sad movies can help with depression by extracting emotion, while comedies and romantic films are often uplifting and heart-warming. Action-thrillers and mystery tales are great for enlightenment and motivation. What is a good movie for you depends on the genre and your current mood.

What snacks will fit

Rather than eating entire meals, stick to snacks or treats that won’t distract you from the movie. And whatever snacks you choose, make sure there’s plenty to go around. 

Body posture and watching a movie

The ideal body position to maximize comfort without dozing off midway through the movie is lying down with your back support on an incline. This makes sofas or beds with pillows as back support the ideal seating choice. Weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia disorders can add additional comfort for people who need them the most.


Many people who live with mental illness, such as severe anxiety or depression, find a way out of their misery by watching movies. It allows them to pause, shift focus, and take a much needed mental break. These are some compelling reasons why heading over to a cinema or streaming movies online at home is useful for people with anxiety.

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