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Here are all the movies & shows that can help you bring back the chill in “Netflix & Chill.” Here are the best sex scenes on Netflix.

The best sex scenes: Watch these on Netflix right now

Streaming services have revolutionized our lives as TV junkies. Having our favorite movies available on-demand implies ready access to your favorite movies & shows, according to your current mood. If you’re craving a laugh, browse through the stand-up specials, if it’s sci-fi you crave, the likes of Inception are just a click away. 

Naturally, then, if you’re in a naughty mood, you’ll hunt for scenes that can get you hot under the belt. Here are all the movies & shows that can help you bring back the chill in “Netflix & Chill.”

Palm Trees in the Snow

This 2015 Spanish romantic drama is based on an eponymous novel, following the life of an interracial couple. They’re at war with the world because of the stigma that their relationship would carry. A lot happens in Palm Trees in the Snow, but the opening scene itself would serve your purpose. 

Killian & Bisila go through a lot – tragedy, discovery, loss – and there’s an intense scene towards the end again.

All The Bright Places

Jennifer Niven’s eponymous novel might not have convinced us, but All The Bright Places’ Violet Markey & Theodore Finch are an adorable couple who can also play around with their chemistry. 

They’d been building an undeniable sexual tension as they connected emotionally – which later culminated in heartbreakingly honest sex. All The Bright Places proves that there’s something about being invested emotionally – with strings attached – that adds to the oomph.


Do you love history? Did you enjoy Game of Thrones? If your answer to either is in the affirmative, Outlander should be your next pick. The romance between the Scottish Jamie Fraser & the English Claire Randall is tumultuous, yet so pure.

Claire’s past & present are complicated, but her relationship with Jamie is out of the world. It helps that they’re both extremely attractive (as are many other characters in Outlander) & there are many scenes for your Netflix & chill menu. 

There’s the rusty one when Jamie & Claire consummate their marriage, the one where Jamie goes, “I want to watch you” as Claire climaxes, or their explosive makeout session in the second season. Outlander’s worth watching as much for the plot as for these saucy scenes. With all the seasons, Netflix has got your back.

Sleeping with Other People

One-night stands are rarely forgotten, but bumping into them a decade later can be a mixed bag. Thankfully in Sleeping With other People, it’s hard for our protagonists – Lainey & Jake – to resist the obvious sexual attraction between them.

There’s a twist: they’re both meeting at a sex addicts support group. It’s a slippery slope. We do have to appreciate Sleeping With Other People for its stellar cast comprising Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Natasha Lyonne, Amanda Peet, Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Scott.

Below Her Mouth

We’re not one for infidelity but Below Her Mouth is an honest portrayal of intimacy & lust, unlike any we’ve seen before. Maybe it’s because of an all-female crew, but Dallas & Jasmine bring a zest to their whirlwind romance. The scenes are borderline pornographic, with the plot adding an unparalleled intensity to them.


If you don’t mind watching subtitles when horny, Spanish teen series Elite is a good pick. It’s best described as Gossip Girl, just juicier & sexier. Combine the adrenaline rush of the murder mystery with the racing blood of your arousal.

Someone Great

How do you make a sweet & sexy moment better? Let it be between two people who weren’t supposed to be hooking up. Someone Great gives these heated moments a modern lens – more hooking up in clubs, less lovemaking, but it’s sweet nonetheless. 

Someone Great is also heartbreaking in equal measure, so you’ll probably shed more tears than you get turned on.

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