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Feeling nostalgic? Revisit ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and other classic shows from the 1990s.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ is old but gold: 3 TV shows of 90-00s featuring student life

TV shows have been growing in popularity throughout the last couple of decades. Production value grows, audience interest is at its all-time high. Moreover, the format fits the fast-paced lifestyle modern society has adopted perfectly. The industry is bustling with many studious not afraid of taking risks and experimenting for the sake of art. Great shows are being created on a regular basis with many more to come.

Even despite the abundance of modern TV shows, some people are having trouble finding new ones to quench their thirst for entertainment. Add a pandemic that halted the production of countless projects and you may find yourself in quite a predicament. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

TV show history spans back for several decades. And even though special effects and camera work weren’t quite as impressive back then, there are definitely plenty of old shows that are more than worth your time. In fact, you have probably watched them back in the 90-00s. Whatever the case may be, diving into the past will yield plenty of hidden gems to keep you glued to the screen for weeks to come.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a real old-time classic. This TV show was created by Joss Whedon who has gone on to create a great number of masterpieces later in his career.

It aired back in 1997 and has been well received not only within the United States but all around the world. There are very few people that haven’t seen an episode of that show when they were younger.

The series mostly focuses on the supernatural aspects of the otherwise mundane life of the young vampire slayer. The protagonist played by Sarah Michelle Gellar is effectively forced to live a double life in an attempt to fulfill the expectations put on her.

This can speak to a lot of young students that are expected to balance college with personal life and work among other things. Although your activities may prove to be not quite as dramatic as fighting the monsters of the night.

Yet, before binge-watching, this particular one, do make sure you have no pending deadlines as the show can be surprisingly addictive. If you need to free up some time quickly and reliably, consider outsourcing them to or an online writing service of such kind.

So if you can get over the dated special effects (which considering the times were pretty neat actually) and the occasional poor writing, this TV show will be a great watch. It also has the potential of bringing you straight back into your childhood.

A Different World

If you would like to dig a bit deeper you will eventually run into a TV show called A Different World. This one has started airing all the way back in 1987 with the last episode coming out in 1993.

 The plot follows the lives of students in Hillman college. And while it tends to raise lots of more serious questions than the sitcoms of that time usually did, it is still a great watch that will let you have a look at the issues of that time.


Community is the creation of the infamous Dan Harmon. His work never fails to amaze the audience, and the Community TV series is no exception.

Just like the rest of Harmon’s projects, it features very quick-paced witty humor that will help you instantly forget about the stress of a hard day of work. The writing is pure gold and the cast will surprise you with a couple of familiar faces.

The plot itself revolves around a group of community college students. This group of misfits banded together to form a Spanish study group. So what does a TV show about a Spanish study group have to offer? Here are just a few aspects:

  •     Zombie apocalypse
  •     Superhero monologues
  •     Wild west shootouts
  •     Spy dramas
  •     Gritty true crime investigations
  •     Psychological dramas
  •     Conspiracy theories
  •     Dioramas

How does it all come together? It’s hard to say. But it works surprisingly well. For a show with seven main characters, it does a very good job of giving each of them plenty of development.

You just can’t help admiring each and every one of them. Community has all the potential of becoming your favorite TV show by the time you finish the first episode.

Final words

TV shows have become a medium of choice for many creators. Their episodic format is more comfortable for the modern audience to consume while at the same time allowing for more screen time to tell one’s story. Binging through your favorite TV show is one of the best ways to relieve some stress. And for many, having a proper way to relax is a matter of survival.

For high-stress environments such as college, pacing yourself is very important. Keep close attention to your physical and mental health. Finding a balance between work and rest should be your first priority.

Burning yourself out through the course of the year may take care of your immediate problems. But it is not worth it in the long run.

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