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Some of the most popular online casino games are based on movies. You can see your favourite characters from films on the casino games.

Best online casino UK games based on movies

Some of the most popular casino games are based on movies. You can see your favorite characters from films on the casino games. It makes the games more interesting and fascinating. The online casinos have slot games that are most entertaining as they feature your loved characters from the movies you have liked forever.

The best online casino will keep adding multiple new games to keep the interest level of players high. You can play a casino game with the movie characters in the design for the ultimate thrill. The movie-themed games have a global perspective and keep into account the tastes of all the players from across the world. The software uses the best scenes, music and characters from films. Some of the best loved movie-themed games in the best online casino UK are listed below.


Online casinos offer Scarface as a 20 payline, five-reel slot game from NetEnt. It is based on a popular gangster movie. The symbols are popular characters like Manny, Elvira, Chi Chi, Montana and Tony. If you hit a payload, popular scenes from the movie Scarface are played to entertain the player. Free spins make the game attractive.


This 25 payline and five-reel game is a part of the best online casino UK where you can enter the game with Rocky Balboa himself! Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed, Adrian and Clubber Lang accompany the sizzling Rocky as characters in the game. The game includes free spins and multipliers which can win you nearly 100 times the wager you made.

The Dark Knight

This popular movie based game is a part of the best online casino scene. The game is a classic five-reel slot that has a whopping 243 ways you can win. The 2008 super hit movie inspired game has fourteen winning symbols and has popular movie characters like Batman, Joker, Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent. The scatter has a graffiti symbol and there are bonus features aplenty. The progressive jackpot makes it a fun way to win big!

Terminator 2

The name says it all. You can win in 1024 different ways in this game. Sarah Connor and John are the central characters that are hunted by the T-1000. The visual effects are stunning and the player will be automatically drawn to the screen every time. The characters transform and keep you hooked. The T-800 Vision mode can trigger huge wins.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a five-reel slot game with DC super heroes. The exciting sound track and mesmerizing graphics from the Playtech game make for thrilling gaming. The Superman character in combination with Jonathan Kent, Perry White and Martha feature in the game. The game has free spins and progressive bonuses make the player go back to the game time and again.

Other games that are inspired by movies are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Forrest Gump, Nightmare On Elm Street, Planet of the Apes, Grease and many others. New games are made with movie characters so that you find a comforting familiarity with the symbols and can connect with the theme immediately. Online casinos are the best entertainment that you can find that allows you to win big too!

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