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'Outlander'’s steamy sex scenes especially pique our interest. Here’s why we say that 'Outlander'’s sex scenes are unmatched.

Does ‘Outlander’ have the hottest sex scenes on TV? Why we say “yes”

Listen – we all know that there’s plenty to love when it comes to Starz’s hit drama series Outlander. You’ve got superb historical accuracy, stunning settings, intriguing plot, & well-written characters. But everyone knows that it’s Outlander’s steamy sex scenes that especially pique our interest.

As opposed to series like Game of Thrones, or Shameless, we know that Outlander will indulge our fantasies and leave us swooning. Jamie & Claire are the most wonderful power couple and the way they get it on has set the bar really high for best sex scenes on television. Here’s why we say that Outlander’s sex scenes are unmatched.  

Objective hotness 

If you don’t already know what we mean by this then you have some serious googling to do. One look at Sam Heughan and it’s impossible not to feel that flush in your face. We’re not going to lie – seeing extremely attractive people have sex really turns the heat up a notch. The hotness level of both our leads who play Jamie and Claire is off the charts. 

Sam Heughan kills it as a strapping young Scottish broad enchanting his lovely “sassenach” with his enticing courageousness & hot bod. Heughan even makes kilts look hot – and that ain’t easy. Even more evidence that Sam Heughan brings the hotness factor: he was (nearly) unanimously voted by fans as sexiest British period drama star of all-time.

Let’s not forget, of course, that Caitriona Balfe who plays Claire is his perfect match – she’s absolutely gorgeous and makes that Outlander sex appeal twofold. Would we want anyone else filling her role? No – absolutely not. It’s unimaginable. 

Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry

We repeat – Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan are a match made in heaven. Sure they’re both hot, but they’re also talented. Nothing makes a good sex scene like actors who just click. Balfe & Heughan provide the perfect contrast through their performances – making a Scott & Brit couple who really compliment each other. 

Not to mention, Jamie & Claire are characters designed to have irresistible chemistry. Both characters are very open-minded, intelligent, & romantic. But it’s their differences that really draw them together. Jamie is brash, quick-to-anger, & patriotic. Claire is calculated, dedicated, & honest. And somehow their personalities transfer to their bed. 

True love

In many TV shows, the sex scenes are all over the place. Sometimes there’s love, sometimes it’s a fling, sometimes all for pleasure. While it’s good to have many depictions of sex – we can’t help but favorite Outlander’s sex scenes because they’re almost always tethered to deep, unconditional love.

Every sex scene in Outlander explores some special moments in Claire & Jamie’s relationship. Though their sex certainly gets wild at times, it’s always made special by some new development in their connection. For example, Claire asserts her dominance by resisting Jamie’s conventional ways of “punishment.” Or they seal their many-year reunion with a monumental bang.  

Variety is the spice of life

You may be thinking – there’s really not much variety. It’s always scenes of Jamie & Claire. However, this is simply not true. Not only have Brianna & Roger been sharing some amazing sex scenes in the latest seasons – each sex scene is incredibly different. There’s always something new that makes it ever-so engaging. 

For example, Claire & Jamie have done it outside, by the fireplace, on the bed, off the bed. They’ve done oral, hand-stuff, & mild BDSM. The sex scenes are always brought on for a new reason and the actors always put something new into each performance. We literally can’t get enough.  


What do you think – does Outlander have the best sex scenes on TV? Let us know what shows are your favorite.

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  • I agree with everthing that was said to about Sam and Caitriona, their magical chemistry that traslates so beautifully to their fleshed Jaime and Claire and the reasons why their sex scenes are so impactful, sets them apart and raises the bar. My one disappointment with the show itself is that the powers that be have left out quite a bit of the couples important lovemaking experiences from the books tha were born out of and take place at very crucial times in their lives and which forge their growth as a unit moving forward. . They also don’t allow us to hear any of Claire’s very frequent inner dialogue/ thoughts about Jaime as written in the books which lets us see how she perceives him and why she is totally gobsmacked by him physically, mentally and emotionally.

    July 25, 2020

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