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Who will be the first female winner of the World Series of Poker. Here's why you should watch documentary 'Poker Queens'.

‘Poker Queens’ documentary invites you to the World Series of Poker

It seems like every other day that there’s a new film, documentary, or series about poker to watch, but very few of these focus on women. Poker Queens is a brand new documentary for 2020 that does just that. This feature-length doc follows a handful of the elite poker world’s most influential female players. 

The women are followed throughout their individual journeys to try and become the first female winner of the World Series of Poker. Here is why this film should go straight to the top of your ‘must-watch’ list.

Brush Up On Your Poker Knowledge

Not only is the documentary fascinating for those who are already fans of the game, but those who are new to it will also be picking up the rules of poker in no time. The documentary manages to explain the necessary elements of the game at a level that beginners will understand, but seasoned players won’t get bored of. Footage from live tournaments and player vlogs also give fascinating insights into the inner workings of the game.

Interspersed with the information on topics like bluffing and player vlogs are interesting soundbites of information. Perhaps the most shocking is that women make up only 7% of poker players. To put that into perspective, the military is seen as heavily male-dominated, but women account for more than 16%. 

It’s incredible to think that there’s such a gender divide in a game that has no good reason to hold women back from achieving just as much as men.

Discover Inspiring Role Models

The main draw for most people who watch this will be the strong females that drive the documentary along. There are too many women with incredible accolades to go through them one by one; however, one that stands out is Liv Boeree. Liv is not only famous for her poker prowess, but also for her scientific genius. This immense intelligence of hers is strongly conveyed in the documentary.

Director Sandra Mohr was delighted by the response from many women who had watched this doc. She had hoped that the documentary might encourage more women to try their hand at poker but had never anticipated such a raging success. 

Talking about the success, she mentioned that many viewers had reached out to her to say that the women she featured had inspired them to give poker a try.

Director Sandra Mohr went undercover as a man for her book Black Widow Poker.

Learn About the History of Poker

Poker Queens has a lot of ground to cover, but it manages it with ease. Looking back as far as 1851 to Alice Ivers, or “Poker Alice”, the documentary explains the phenomenon that this woman created back in the early 70s. Looking further into the tactics that female players use nowadays, it seems that Alice’s tricks are still alive and well!

Another fascinating snippet of more recent history involves Mohr revealing herself as the author of Black Widow Poker. This book was a sensation, as Mohr disguised herself as a man to evaluate the differences inexperience at the poker table. Some of the elements that she notices are small, but some like the far more frequent folds to her raises are perhaps indicative of something more serious. 

With that said, Mohr is keen to make clear that Poker Queens is not a ‘dig’ at male poker players, but rather an opportunity to shine a light on the talented women who are pushing the game forward today.

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