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'Queen of the South' is the slow burn drama you’ve been waiting for. Let's reflect on some of the most steamy & provocative sex scene.

‘Queen of the South’: All the hottest sex scenes from the show

Queen of the South is the slow burn drama you’ve been waiting for. As each new season premieres, the show keeps getting better with every twist & turn the writers have in store for us. Alice Braga leads this all-star cast as rape survivor and drug cartel leader Teresa Mendoza, certified girlboss & rocker of pantsuits. 

Sadly, production on Queen of the South season 5 has been halted due to COVID-19 and now all we can do is wait . . . well, wait and also reflect on some of the most steamy & provocative sex scenes from this powerhouse show.

Teresa Mendoza & Guero Davilas: “Piloto” (S1E1)

The Queen of the South pilot has some slow moments and is arguably bogged down with a little too much exposition, but things are kicked up a notch when the shaggy-haired Guero (Jon-Michael Eker) makes an appearance. May his character rest in peace wherever he is in TV heaven.

This scene from early on in “Piloto” reminds us of summer nights. Back when we could go out and be with people, or if the moment felt right, have sex on a car like Teresa (Alice Braga) endulges in here. 

Detective Alonzo Loya & Camila Vargas: “La Fuerza” (S3E4)

Now that suspended DEA agent Detective Alonzo Loya (Nick Sagar) and governor of Sinaloa Camila Vargas (Verónica Falcón) are working together to track down Teresa, it’s only a matter of time before things are taken out of the workplace and into the bedroom.

When Camila cuts her hand on a shattered glass (her fault) and designated eye candy Loya steps in to help her, they give in to temptation and have bathroom sex against the sink. It’s incredibly hot – and also muddies the waters for them moving forward.

Camila’s red dress is incredible here as well.

Teresa Mendoza & Eddie Brucks: “Hospitalidad Surena” (S4E3)

When Teresa (Alice Braga) shows up at Eddie’s (Bailey Chase) apartment to excuse her behavior during their past dates, things are bound to get steamy. All their feelings converge on this one night and they end up partaking in one of the steamiest moments on this list. Eddie is stupid hot, and we’re happy to see him lose his shirt for this scene.

In addition its allure & excitement, this scene also features a glimpse into Eddie’s gorgeous converted church apartment. It’s a win all around.

Teresa Mendoza & Mystery man: “El Cuerpo de Cristo” (S2E1)

There’s a reason why we saved this one for last. Not only does Teresa get to slip out of that amazing white pantsuit and show off her toned back we’re all insanely jealous of, we also get to see plenty of the gorgeous mystery man and his abs for days. 

Things really start to heat up, but then they take a turn when Teresa pulls out . . . well, you’ll just have to watch to find out!

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