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'The Queen's Gambit' on Netflix is a popular series right now. Here's what we have to say about its sex scenes and why they're the best.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’: The best sex scenes from the Netflix series

The Queen’s Gambit has taken the world by storm and we’re here for it. This Netflix miniseries stars Anya Taylor-Joy who does an amazing job (as usual) playing the part of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy who struggles with addictions.

There are many reasons to watch The Queen’s Gambit. Watching a woman get recognition in a male-dominated world is always refreshing, but there’s also a steamier side to the series.

Here’s why The Queen’s Gambit is such a sexy show, even though it’s pretty SFW.


While debatable, many consider themselves to be sapiosexual (attracted to another person’s intelligence). The Queen’s Gambit really exploits this much-neglected sexual identity by highlighting the thrill of pursuing another person intellectually.

Most would probably assume a chess-based TV show has nothing sexy to offer. We honestly thought the same, but were pleasantly surprised to see we were completely wrong.

The Queen’s Gambit managed to shed a much hotter light on chess. The way the players interact with each other is almost hypnotic: they hint at each other, try to read the other players through non-verbal communication, and get involved in a mental dance to entice the other. Surely, there’s something extremely sexy in this type of back-and-forth which is bound to make viewers feel hot & bothered.

But are there any sex scenes?

What’s so amazing about The Queen’s Gambit is the fact that it feels extremely sexual despite the dearth of sex scenes. Most of them are hinted at, instead of shown completely. Moreover, the sexual interactions we get to see are actually awkward.

You might be thinking we’re contradicting ourselves by claiming The Queen’s Gambit is hot and then admitting the sex scenes are weird, but just hear us out. The sex scenes in this amazing mini series are actually excellent. . . Just not sexy.

We get to see Beth Harmon have age-appropriate sex which is another way to say everything’s a bit awkward. This, however, is done in a very convincing way which fits the story perfectly. We get to see Beth’s first sexual experience which ends up with her patting her partner on the back – how genius is that?

Beth Harmon’s approach to sex seems somewhat robotic, but it’s an interesting contrast with her more passionate game style. While we don’t see steamy sex scenes, we see steamy chess playing and the usual incompetence you’d expect from a first sexual encounter.

What about Cleo?

We know we’re not the only ones who’ve thought there’s something interesting about Beth & Cleo’s chemistry. Their interaction is both empowering & magical. While we don’t see any of them make a move, Beth’s exchange with Cloe is the longest we see this character talk through the whole series.

Here’s where things get. . . suspicious. In a scene where Beth opens up about how her life could be in Paris, Cloe tells her “You already have so much more than they do and something that none of them do: talent. And that can give you a life that anyone would envy.”

Beth & Cleo then decide to join some men for drinks at the hotel. Next thing we know, both of them wake up together on the same bed. On one hand, there isn’t any scene suggesting the two of them even kissed. However, there weren’t many explicit scenes throughout the series either. We don’t think this is accidental, though.

What’s so amazing about the scenes between Beth & Cleo is how it leaves the viewers wondering if something happened. The best part is that the rest of the sex scenes aren’t fully shown, so it’s not too crazy to think something went down – if you know what we mean.

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