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Real or rehearsed? These movie sex scenes are so intense that fans have questioned their authenticity.

These movie sex scenes are so hot people think they’re real

Are you looking to kick back and enjoy a hotter than hot movie? Odds are you want a movie filled with alluring sex scenes that’ll make you red in the cheeks. But where to look? Not all romance films have sex scenes – or good ones for that matter.

It can be rather disappointing when a sex scene comes along and the typical “fade to black” happens. When there are two characters with amazing chemistry, the audience is aching to see some action. Even when the sex scene is more explicit on screen, it can sometimes seem fake, awkward, or tepid.  

We can confirm that these movies go above & beyond to deliver the steamiest sex scenes you could imagine. In fact, these scenes are so believable, you may be fooled into thinking they’re the real deal. 


There are multiple sex scenes in Netflix film 365 that have viewers convinced the actors really got it on. The connection between actors simulating sex on screen actually had viewers confused, asking if what they saw was actually just “classy porn”. Of course, the creators affirmed that it’s just movie magic, but the hot & heavy foreplay really gives them a run for their money. 


Another Netflix sex spectacle, Love has incredibly intense sex scenes seeping with “dreamy eroticism” & “hazy beauty”. Watching them you’ll undoubtedly think – that has got to be real. And actually – you’re right. While some of the sex scenes were fabricated with body doubles, others were entirely real. In fact according to Vogue the majority of them were real – including a masturbation scene. 

Rust and Bone

Produced by Hulu, Rust and Bone is filled with salacious sex scenes we can’t stop watching. Showcasing an amputee character, the scenes depict what it’s like for someone to adjust to a differently abled body. These hot lovers can enjoy sex fully despite any physical limitations

Call Me by Your Name 

This 2017 coming-of-age romantic drama depicts the relationship between two men played by Timothée Chalamet & Armie Hammer. One scene in particular is rather lusty in a surprising way, and strangely enough it involves a peach. Who could have thought fruit could be so erotic?


This 2002 flick featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal & James Spader explores the intense dom/sub relationship between a lawyer and his secretary. If you’re into BDSM type stuff, these sex scenes from Secretary will be a thrill for you. The couple engage in all kinds of lewd behavior like erotic spanking & omorashi. (Only look that up if you’re down for kinks.) 


Nymphomaniac is in two parts and is jam-packed with sex scenes. It is about a sex addict after all. These scenes are incredibly realistic, because – well – they sort of are real. What’s even crazier? A-listers like Shia LaBeouf & Stellan Skarsgård are actually in these sex scenes themselves. The actors’ faces were CGI-matched onto the body doubles who actually had sex. Still – it really convinced us we saw Shia LaBeouf’s ding dong. 

Dirty Dancing

Released in 1987, Dirty Dancing was rather raunchy for the time. Their slow dance morphing into a love making scene may not be super explicit, but it sure is erotic. You can really picture that sex scene truly going down in that small log cabin between summer lovers. 

Last Tango in Paris

Definitely the golden oldie of the bunch, Last Tango in Paris has a scarily realistic sex scene. The film was released in 1972 starring Marlon Brando & Maria Schneider and stirred up controversy due to Bernardo Bertolucci’s intense directing style. The way Brando pins Schneider down onto the hardwood floor and takes her using butter won’t soon be forgotten. This is not a consensual affair, so viewers be warned. 

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  • THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS example WAS REAL LIFE TRAUMA, NOT simulation. Actress Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris reported that director Bertolucci, had wanted to catch her real life trauma on camera, so she had absolutely not been warned about that Brando was going to cram butter into her, was not in the script.

    January 3, 2021

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