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How does the cast of 'Selling Sunset' look so gorgeous? Find out the ins and outs of selling lavish houses in West Hollywood.

How does the ‘Selling Sunset’ cast make real estate glamorous?

The Selling Sunset cast does a great job at selling the glamour of the real estate industry in the Hollywood Hills. The properties sold on the show help add to the allure of one of Los Angeles’s most lucrative neighborhoods. But, how do the show’s agents make real estate glamorous? All that drama and competition can’t be what a real estate agent’s work is really like – can it?

According to a former UK real estate agent now working in the U.S., Jonathan Nash explained in an interview with BBC, “[Selling Sunset] is definitely amplified, but not totally fictitious.” Here are all the ways the Netflix show glamorizes Hollywood real estate.

Play it up for the cameras

All the show’s drama is played up for the cameras, but not all sales make the show. Some clients want to be on a show like Selling Sunset, and they seek out the opportunity to hire one of the agents – others don’t want the spotlight on them. 

The competitiveness between the agents in Selling Sunset is unique to the U.S., but not different from an agent’s job. Compared to the U.S., British real estate agents are attached to a group, like in Selling Sunset, but they’re not competitive over listings. The draw to an agent in the UK is the brand they’re employed with.

Agents might be attached to a firm in the U.S., but they’re mostly self-employed. That’s why Selling Sunset agents are constantly competing with each other and other agents for the biggest sales and clients. Selling Sunset also raises the drama by featuring “direct” negotiations over price, which is uncommon in the UK compared to the U.S.   

Historic owners

Houses in the Hollywood Hills might not be able to sell themselves, but their previous owners might. Real Estate agents in Los Angeles sometimes rely on the house’s previous owners. Listings with Hollywood icons or pop stars attached to their history help sell a property – especially to those looking for a “Hollywood story,” as Nash put it.

Celebrity listings aren’t unlike royal listings in the UK, but across the pond there is also the appeal to centuries of history & architecture in the houses listed there. While celebrity homes exist all over the country, Los Angeles or New York have far more celeb listings. Having a listing previously occupied by a star on the walk of fame definitely adds to the Hollywood Hills’ real estate scene’s glamour on Selling Sunset.

Lights, Camera, Action 

The most prominent part of the glamour are the houses themselves, but not every house looks beautiful before they appear on the show. Some homes are empty when they’re selling them. That’s where companies like Meridith Baer and Vesta come in. They decorate homes on the market. 

Selling a fully furnished listing is typical in the U.S. compared to the UK, where it’s common to show an empty listing. No other place in the U.S. can make you feel like your home came straight out of a movie. The view from the house or it’s location might help sell a listing, but buying your dream home requires a little more eye candy when you’re spending millions. 

We can’t wait for all the drama & glamorous homes featured in season 4. Netflix hasn’t confirmed another season for Selling Sunset, but it’s obvious that the show’s taken on international popularity.

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