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As prostitution is portrayed in a different light in media, we're looking at the best trendy series which cover prostitution.

Trendy series in which prostitution plays a primary role

It is not only a well-known phrase, but a fact. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. No matter what anyone thinks about the subject, the mere existence of sex workers all over the world, as is the case with the escorts in Sydney advertising in Skokka, backs this up. And the truth is that although it is a well known practice, it is a topic that continues to generate curiosity and often generates a debate with diverse forms of thought.

However, the world of fiction goes beyond any taboo on the subject. Currently, there is an investment of time and production to debate the issue of paid sex in various settings.

In recent years, fiction has begun to take a different approach to the course and role of women in society and the history of prostitution. Women are now presented as independent people who choose sexual activity for other reasons rather than because they are economically vulnerable. 

Because it is a curious subject that always generates debate and can break down a vision full of prejudices, Skokka proposes some series that can help reflect differently on this reality, but which is still real.


The idea behind this British show is curious. The plot does not only revolve around the personal stories that come to justify the arrival of the protagonists into prostitution. It also focuses on the fight between two brothels for the conquest of clients. 

As prostitution is portrayed in a different light in media, we're looking at the best trendy series which cover prostitution.

It takes place during the period of conservative London in the 18th century. In the story of the series, a girl who is still a virgin, played by Lucy Wells, is the main triumph of one of the owners of the prostitutes’ houses.

Although it is set almost a century before the rise of Queen Victoria, it narrates the drama of a hypocritical society full of many prejudices and double standards. A society in which the London escorts show how influential sex and being empowered can be.

The Girlfriend Experience

Inspired by the film of the same name which was released in 2009, the series has a different format. Each season has different stories with different protagonists. The first 13 episodes tell the routine of Christine Reade, played by Ryley Keough, who is a high-class prostitute and law student.

In the second season there are two parallel plots. In the first, a campaign manager played by Anna Friel hires a prostitute to blackmail an investor. In the second, a refugee woman played by Carmen Ejogo runs away from her abusive partner and goes to earn a living as a sex worker.

A portrait of the different types of women and the reasons why they may end up working as escorts.

O Negócio

This is a Brazilian production that differs from other series because it has a comic connotation. It tells the story of three women: Karin, Luna and Magali. The characters, called luxury prostitutes, are part of a group of sex professionals who are in great demand by the elite of the city of São Paulo.  

As prostitution is portrayed in a different light in media, we're looking at the best trendy series which cover prostitution.

This series shows women who are not victims of the society in which they live, nor do they seek to be. It is a production that encourages debate about empowerment, even though this requires the protagonists to give up some of their security and comfort. 

Although the motivations of each one are different, the reality of this group of women can be hard. They go through trials that make the viewer from start to reflect on what can be gained or lost from this decision.

The Deuce

Actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco star in this series set in the 1970s in New York City. Between the 1960s and 1980s the area of Times Square, called The Deuce, was frequented by prostitutes, the excluded and drug addicts. But on the other hand it was also the nest of popular shows and the beginning of the revolution of the porn industry.

It is a series that realistically addresses the decline that surrounded this business in that decade after its legalization. A raw and hard fiction that can be annoying, and even uncomfortable for presenting a reality as it has rarely been seen.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Another British series that debates the issue of prostitution but in a gentler and more friendly way. It features Billie Piper’s delicate performance as a young prostitute trying to maintain a balance between her secret professional life and her personal relationships. The world of VIP prostitutes is introduced and developed in an entertaining way that catches the eye of the viewer.

The series that Skokka has chosen are only some of the many options available in the world of tv shows. The best thing is to know that nowadays one can talk, debate and reflect on topics that can still be sensitive in society.

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