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Comedy is hard. A comedic celebrity sex scene? It’s a difficult task to master. Here are some of our favorite sex scenes.

Far from real: The silliest celebrity sex scenes in all of film

There have been celebrity serious sex scenes with gorgeous lighting and a sweeping orchestration behind it. There have been horrible celebrity sex scenes that leave us cringing and wishing to just fast forward from the sheer awkwardness of a situation. Then there are just the silly celebrity sex scenes that leave you laughing out loud and gasping for breath.

Comedy is hard. A comedic sex scene? It’s a difficult task to master. So what are the silliest celebrity sex scenes in film that’ll leave you in an endless giggle loop of doom? What are the ones that won’t bring out your O face, but more of your “oh no, please stop I’m laughing too hard” face? Here are some of our favorites.

Easy A (2010)

For a teen movie based off the Nathaniel Hawthorne classic, The Scarlet Letter, this film doesn’t really have a sex scene in a traditional sense. Instead, we see Emma Stone and Daniel Byrd lock themselves in a bedroom to pretend to have sex with each other so Byrd’s character can no longer be bullied for his sexuality. They jump on the bed, make weird groans, and go as over the top as possible.

The end result? Hilarity. It also sorts of pokes fun with some of the more ridiculous sex scenes out there. It’s funny. It’s weird. It’s strangely innocent? But it’s also a really great moment of comedy as well.

American Pie (1999)

We knew sex education in the US is screwed up, but this? This is kind of over the top. In order to alleviate his urges, Jim (Jason Biggs) has sex with a pie. Like an actual apple pie. Sure, Jim didn’t really have a ton of options in the situation, but . . . oooooh boy. It’s awkward and funny and weird. Which, honestly, is all we needed from a scene where a guy has a sex with a pastry. 

Are pies even sexy? Like you think you go for a French dessert or something in this situation.

The Room (2003)

If you haven’t heard of 2003’s The Room or Tommy Wiseau, then, well, good for you. You probably have something resembling taste. For the rest of us, however, The Room is the granddaddy of “I can’t believe I’m watching this film that even exists, why does it exists” because Wiseau probably isn’t even a real person. No one acts like the characters in the movie.

It’s supposed to be a drama. But people watch The Room for its “so bad” qualities. One of those moments? The sex scene. We don’t know what kind of belly button fetish is going on here, but it exists. And it’s pretty hilarious. 

MacGruber (2010)

Snaps to comedy greats Will Forte and Kristen Wiig for delivering one of the funniest sex scenes out there. With “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister playing to MacGruber’s opening foreplay line of “I like holes”, the entire scene will leave you howling in laughter from start to explosive finish. It starts like a porn parody and then, oh wow, it goes off the rails.

From the soft focus to seeing what MacGruber’s O face looks like, this is the king of uncomfortable comedic sex scenes. It goes on for far too long and you just have to laugh or die of how awkward you’ll feel. That’s what makes it genius.

Avatar (2009)

Why are we getting like seven more of these movies over a decade after the 2009 film? Who exactly is clamoring for more? Do we need to talk about the ponytail sex? Becuase, believe it or not, that’s what we’re talking about here. Again, this falls into the whole genre of “unintentionally” funny sex scenes. Because who thought this was a good idea? James Cameron? Why? He knows how to film a good sex scene? Look at Titanic!

Instead, we get to see Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana have blue elf ponytail sex. And, man, I don’t have many memories of seeing Avatar in theatres. But I remember my theatre breaking out in giggles during this scene. In the decade since, it hasn’t aged well.

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