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Let’s talk about 'Southern Charm', shall we? Here’s everything you need to know about these salacious rumors surrounding the cast.

Is the ‘Southern Charm’ cast a hotbed of hookups?

Let’s talk about Southern Charm, shall we? This reality TV series has aired on Bravo for seven seasons with a couple of spinoffs as well. Much like, say, The Real Housewives, Southern Charm follows a group of socialites in South Carolina. It also focuses on Southern culture and political history of the areas that it’s filmed in as well. The series has filmed at several historical locations over the years.

But that’s not what you’re here to read about it. The cast of Southern Charm is quite large, consisting of Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, Whitney Smith, Thomas Ravenel, Danni Baid, Patricia Altschul, Naomie Olindo, and Austen Kroll. Filming with each other in reality show close quarters definitely brings up the question: are the stars hooking up behind the scenes? 

So here’s everything you need to know about these salacious rumors about what’s going on the set of Southern Charm. Most of this stuff is from the season 7 premiere of Southern Charm, so if you haven’t watched it yet. Then you have been warned! 

The Wimberly Rumor

In the season 7 premiere of Southern Charm, Cameran Eubanks’ husband, Jason Wimberly was rumored to be having an affair. According to PEOPLE, It was allegedly with Rebecca Wash, a Charleston makeup artist. Wash, however, has denied the allegations. Talking with Kathryn Dennis at Shep Rose’s birthday party, Eubanks hinted at those rumors, saying:

“I’m going to start by saying that I was very, very upset this afternoon. Craig [Conover] told me what you had told him. I was literally ready to eviscerate you.” She continued to say, “I’m really trying to be calm because I’m so angry. I see red. You made something up. You were going after my friend and people that I love.”

So, it looks like that Dennis started the rumor, which had taken on a life of its own, which was a) really catty and b) kind of evil. Bonaparte, a friend of Eubanks, said of the affair, “That’s a f***ing joke, it’s a mockery, it’s some bulls***. I’m a little emotional about this. They are a beautiful family, I don’t want any of this.” 

Meanwhile, pour one out for Rebecca Wash as well, who is also being accused here. She took to Instagram back in May 2020 and wrote, “I have been wrongfully accused of having a relationship with the husband of Cameran Wimberly of Southern Charm. I have never met Jason or Cameran Wimberly in my life.” Eubanks has since left the series.

The One Night Stand

Also happening in the season 7 premiere, Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy broke up after “the one stand happened”. LeCroy, apparently, had a one night stand with Peter, which occurred when she and Kroll were not together. Kroll, learning about this, said to LeCroy at Shep Rose’s birthday party: “It just sucks because you and I made a choice to come back to each other and let it all go.”

Kroll also accused Rose of “creating a wedge [between us] – that can’t happen.” LeCroy said that she doesn’t “want to be with anyone but you”. The couple are still together at this time, but it still hurt Kroll when Peter showed up at Rose’s birthday party. Rose, however, just claimed that it was a coincidence with no ill intent. 

Is it a hotbed of hookups?

Less hotbed and more of a mess of cattiness and rumors to our eyes and ears. Nothing here is too salacious, though what possessed Dennis to do what she did to Eubanks and her family . . . we can never know. Hopefully, no one has been harassing Rebecca Wash online because of that? Would not be cool. 

Season 7 of Southern Charm was filmed between Feb 2020 to July 2020 with restrictions for COVID-19 in place. It airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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