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What? You thought we were done hooking you up with flicks from 123movies? Nope! Get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas movies.

All the Christmas movies you can stream online at 123Movies

What? You thought we were done hooking you up with flicks from 123movies? Nope! 123movies has a surprising amount of things to watch. The same goes for its Christmas movie selection. While some movies are more quality than others it’s still worth giving a try. 

If anything you can laugh about how bad any given movie is. After all, probably about 80% of Christmas movies are bad if we’re honest. Getting into the holiday spirit is what’s important. 

November Christmas 

Looking for a tear-jerker? Look no further than November Christmas. When a young father asks a farmer about pumpkins in August, the farmer gets curious as to what kind of loon comes looking for pumpkins a month early. He soon discovers the young father has good reason to search for pumpkins early. He wants to ensure his daughter will be able to enjoy the holidays. 

Angela’s Christmas 

This is a cute Netflix Original about a girl in Ireland who wants everyone to have a safe and warm Christmas. With a thirty minute run time, Angela’s Christmas is a nice short animated film to watch with the family. There are chuckles and warm feels all around. 

Killer Christmas 

Want to get into the winter holiday spirit but also can’t let go of Halloween? Killer Christmas has you covered. Who doesn’t like a little gore with their christmas presents, right? In this suspense movie six friends walk into an abandoned hotel (because that never goes wrong). They soon find themselves getting murdered one by one. 

Where’s the Christmas in this movie you ask? There’s a Christmas tree near the hotel and the murderer wears a Santa mask. We’d say that’s good enough. 

White Christmas 

If you want to watch a throwback turn on White Christmas. This 1954 musical film is about a quaint country inn that just can’t seem to make ends meet. A Christmas miracle is in order so Bob Wallace, Phil Davis, and Betty & Judy Haynes put together a Christmas show that knocks the socks off of rural Vermont. 

Last Christmas 

This 2019 Christmas movie is cutesy rom-com with a run time of 103 minutes. Kate can’t seem to do anything but make bad decisions. She’s the definition of the black sheep in the family. She’s almost given up on herself when she meets Tom at her Christmas department store job. Tom brings much-needed levity to her life and helps her find herself. What she doesn’t know is she’ll soon be trying to find him. 

Almost Christmas 

Walter Meyer the retired mechanic invites his two daughters and two sons over for the holidays along with their family. He lost his wife the year before and figures it’d be best carry on with Christmas tradition the same as usual. The five days family spends under his roof turn out to be a bickerfest. Even though he loves his family he finds himself counting down the days to Christmas.

Four Christmases 

Reese Witherspoon plays one half of the upscale California couple in this movie. Both Brad and Kate come from families with divorce parents and siblings so when their plans to go on an exotic vacation for the holidays fall apart they find themselves waltzing from family gathering to family gathering. Between burping babies and family drama, the two barely survive Christmas. 

The Christmas Dragon 

If an epic fantasy novel and Christmas got together The Christmas Dragon would be their offspring. It’s an interesting genre of Christmas movie. An orphan named Ayden gets a magical crystal from an elf who dies, but not before telling her she’s the chosen one. 

Apparently the North has lost its magic and she’s the only one that can save Christmas. She and her friends partner with the last dragons to evade the armies building on their lands. 

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