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Drake Bell claimed he was the the CEO of Taco Bell. Here are the best memes to celebrate his strange announcement.

*Is* Drake Bell the CEO of Taco Bell? The best memes to convince you

2020 has been a wild year all around. One thing that people didn’t expect was Drake Bell changing his name to Drake Campana and becoming a Spanish-language pop star. While, originally, fans believed that the rebranding and renaming was due to his higher sales in Spanish-language countries, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Campana’s ex-girlfriend Jimi Ono detailed the alleged abuse that she faced from him on TikTok.

Now, if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, Campana is claiming that he’s the CEO of Taco Bell. That’s right. He’s saying that he’s in charge of the chain of stoner oasis. Naturally, there are memes about Bell’s alleged new position. And if you had “Drake Bell changes his name to Campana, becomes a Spanish-language pop star, and says he’s the CEO of Taco Bell” on your 2020 bingo card? Highly specific but mark it off.

Here’s some of the funniest memes out there on this.

1. Give it back

Restore the menu! Restore the menu! Restore the menu! 2020 saw some beloved Taco Bell items meet their demise. As CEO, Campana needs to restore it back. Give us back the Mexican pizza, bro! 

2. It’s your duty sir

Campana is just going to be blasted with people wanting to get their favorite items back on the menu because they are gone far, far too soon. But, seriously, can we get those potatoes back please? Please?

3. But why Taco Bell?

Seriously though, if you’re going to become a Spanish-language artist and move to Mexico? Maybe support things that are actually Mexican food over Taco Bell, which really isn’t. 

4. What does it say about us?

What does it say about 2020 that Drake Campana, formerly the artist known as Drake Bell, saying that he’s CEO of Taco Bell does not make some sort of news site? What does it say about us as a society? The world at large? Anyone else feeling existential dread setting in? 

5. What will happen next? 

To be fair, Campana does have abuse allegations against him amongst other things. So maybe we should just let him have his public breakdown and then he can go away? Honestly, he probably wouldn’t go away. Sigh. Why don’t our cancellations stick? 

6. But seriously did anyone have this on their 2020 bingo card?

This wasn’t on anyone’s 2020 bingo card! Who could have predicted this?! Why would you have predicted this?! What’s the world coming to around here? What has 2020 wrought? Can’t we just have one normal week? 

7. Taco Bell remains silent

Taco Bell? Care to comment on this? Do you have a new CEO and is his last name Campana? Why won’t you say anything to us, Taco Bell? Why do you remain so silent and far away from us? Why did you get rid of Mexican pizza? 

8. Basically

In a nutshell, this guy has summed up everything going on with this current dumpster fire of 2020. Is it a dumpster fire? More of a trash can really. 2020 has been weird. Does anyone really know what to make of this? Really?

9. All kidding aside though

Really and truly, he’s not the CEO of Taco Bell. He just wants to be one day because why not?

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