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'This Is Us' touches on hot-button issues, and a major part of the show's plot is the romance. Here's a recap of the best sex scenes from the show.

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This Is Us hasn’t been (and, according to the producers, won’t be) shying away from addressing hot-button 2020 topics such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

The show had to take a break from filming due to COVID-19 precautions, and it will return in early January to answer questions raised in our This Is Us recap – among them, the outcome of Randall’s mother’s overdose, and what, if any, role the newly introduced Hai plays here.

Any This Is Us recap would have to include that Jack & Rebecca are now pregnant with triplets! Mandy Moore is, of course, pregnant in real life, but shows don’t always incorporate the actors’ pregnancies in their storylines (we’re thinking here of 1990s sitcoms that shot from the neck up or had actors with gravid bellies positioned behind couches or counters).

Rebecca’s pregnancy

Earlier in the season, we speculated that one of the reasons why the This Is Us producers wrote Rebecca as pregnant was to avoid any sex scenes between Mandy Moore & Milo Ventimiglia. Current restrictions & common sense around the coronavirus pandemic make shooting such scenes complicated & risky. 

Hollywood hasn’t put any guidelines into place, but Directors UK recommended that actors be tested, have no contact with anyone else on the set, and undergo a head-to-toe sanitizing process before shooting. It’s also suggested the actors’ real-life partners stand in during the take and then CGI can work its magic.

Getting down & dirty? 

As a mainstream network series, This Is Us doesn’t have the kind of explicit sex scenes that you might find on HBO, Netflix, or R-rated movies. Still, a This Is Us recap would show it doesn’t shy away from sex or even partial nudity! 

In the very first show of the very first season, we get a rear view of Jack’s rear end. This is non-sexual nudity and therefore acceptable in a prime-time network show, but it still pushes a few boundaries. Throughout the series, we see butts a few more times as well as naked chests on men and naked backs on women.

Our targeted This Is Us recap reveals that probably the most nudity (though still not more than you’d see on any beach) is in the Season 3 episode where Kate & Beth enjoy a male stripper revue. As This Is Us focuses heavily on relationships, there’s plenty of making out, both clothed & unclothed, although, again, it’s a network show so even the unclothed scenes are carefully shot & edited.

Life is sexually transmitted

As a show about relationships & families, there’s also plenty of emphasis on pregnancy, including the good stuff that leads to pregnancy. In “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life”, we see a montage of childbirth scenes, although action stops at thigh level. Both planned & unplanned pregnancies are portrayed, and, in a scene that would likely even be coronavirus-safe, Toby produces a sperm sample in the bathroom of a doctor’s office.

A sex-focused This Is Us recap demonstrates this is a show that portrays sex honestly & openly, although not graphically. Often missing in mainstream media is an acknowledgment that spontaneous sex sometimes leads to unplanned pregnancies, and that’s not the case here.

Other topics tackled include body image/body dysmorphia in both men & women, same-sex attraction & experimentation, and the effects of substance abuse & addiction. This Is Us is also one of the few mainstream shows with a notably obese character in a (relatively) healthy romantic relationship, and her sexuality isn’t treated as a fetish.

Although This Is Us doesn’t have any explicit sex scenes to get us hot & bothered, we applaud how honest the show is about relationships. That said, what’s your favorite relationship scene in this show? Are there facets to relationships you wish This Is Us would cover in later seasons? Let us know in the comments!

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