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Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared decades ago, but there are still rewards for anyone who might be able to help find her.

Will Amy Lynn Bradley ever be found? The latest updates in her case

There’s always things to worry about when you go on a cruise. No matter how excited you are about a cruise there will always be concerns. We’ve seen the horror shows that have happened over the years. Remember that one cruise where the poop deck was literally covered with poop? And then there’s the fact that it was a petri dish for COVID-19 to grow and multiply in.

Then there are the true crime cases that come from cruise ships. Namely people who just go missing, which is a whole other fear. From people going overboard to others just straight up disappearing, there are a lot of cases at sea that will leave you nervous about being on open water without a spot of land in sight. One of the most famous cases is that of Amy Lynn Bradley.

The basics of the Amy Lynn Bradley case

In 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley went missing from the Royal Caribbean Cruise liner, Rhapsody of the Seas. The 23-year-old college graduate left without her shoes, ID, or any other belongings. She just disappeared without a trace – there one minute and gone the next. Her family hasn’t seen from or been contacted by Amy Lynn Bradley in 22 years.

At first, investigators looked into a suicide, but found no evidence of this in her case. There was also no evidence that she had somehow fallen overboard as well. It leaves her family with the hope that she’s somehow still alive out there. But even if she is still alive, then she’s somehow unable to contact her family, which leads a person down a whole new terrifying thought process.


Other facts about the Amy Lynn Bradley case

The last two people to see Bradley were her father and her brother. Her father was the one who reported her missing, while her brother said that he believed Amy Lynn was getting cigarettes. Rather than the crew having a more immediate response, they believe that this assertion from her brother led to the crew not taking the report as seriously and starting search operations earlier.

Still, searches were conducted at sea, but they ceased on March 29, 1998. The Bradley family flew back to Curaçao in order to continue searching for Amy Lynn. But any search efforts turned up empty. Unfortunately, the Bradley family was forced to return home without Amy Lynn.

Despite this, people have claimed to have seen Amy Lynn over the years since her disappearance. Tourists in Curaçao claimed to have seen a woman resembling her on a beach there with them saying she had the exact same tattoos. In 1999, a U.S. Navy member said that he saw a woman claiming to be Amy Lynn at a brothel and she begged him for help. In 2005, a woman claimed to have seen her being threatened in Barbados by a group of men.

One of the most prevalent theories of the case, aside from Amy Lynn’s death at sea, is that she was sold into sexual slavery and has been unable to return home. There’s a decently famous photo that shows a woman who looks a lot like Amy Lynn in the years after her disappearance from a “catalogue” of sorts. She was declared dead in absentia in 2010.

Updates on the case

There’s a $250,000 USD reward for information that may bring Amy Lynn Bradley home. Despite their daughter being declared dead, the family remains dedicated in finding out what happened to her. Her case has also been featured on numerous true crime shows, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. in order to share her story and jog someone’s memory.

The FBI is also offering a $25,000 USD reward for information leading to the recovery of Amy Lynn Bradley & information that leads to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person(s) responsible for her disappearance.

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  • Thanks for the update. I’ve followed her case for years and keep hoping she’ll be found or turn up. I’m sure that’s her in the photo of the older woman above. I hadn’t known she’d been declared dead in 2010. For some reason her case has hooked me and I can’t let go of it.

    October 11, 2020
  • Hello . This is a really tragic story. I have followed this story for years. I feel she was targeted by crew members into sex trafficking. Obviously, there was a network on the ship. Sadly, Amy fell int their trap.
    I feel so sorry for Amy’s family , she was much loved and must be much missed.
    Heartbreaking. I hope someday this family gets peace and so does Amy.

    October 14, 2020
  • Seems the investigatory facts are missing? Sex trafficking ring in a place so small and no one can find evidence of it? Brothel burns down and no one knows who ran it or where they went? Didn’t hear FBI commenting on interactions with local police. Employee of ship seen with her, background, bank info, surveillance?

    October 25, 2020
    • I don’t know how long you have followed this case? If you have interest in the history (all the details, investigation, surveillance etc. You would have to go WAY BACK and watch all the “other stuff ” almost from beginning forward. This family was extorted, miss lead, taken advantage of EVERYTHING YOU COULD IMAGINE. HORRIBLE What they have gone and been thru is just beyond cruel and evil.
      Between people being afraid to talk because of there own situation and people out right lying to the family. Everything that could, did seem to go wrong, which I just so sad for this family. It only takes 1 person to SPEAK and it could go from cold case to blown open! My theory is there is ALWAYS SOMEONE WATCHING! Just takes 1 person to do the right thing. It just takes 1 person, the right person to recognize a picture, jog a memory etc.
      If you are interested if find the earlier stories and go from there. Most of your valid points are wandered, it just a large novel at this point to tell EVERYTHING in one article.
      I wish this family peace, PEACE AND AWNSERS! 🙏🏻❤

      November 20, 2020
  • I agree with Nina…
    When someone goes missing the ship should be searched ENTIRELY and no secret rooms. Also need surveillance that is recorded off site, this should never happen again.
    Anyways find a real psychic and solve this.
    Other than that much love to her family and all of you.

    October 25, 2020
  • Hi I followed this story as well and Praying that she will be found. It’s so heartbreaking and we do not wish this to happen to anyone else. I hope her family will find peace. May God help them.

    November 3, 2020
  • Hi I just came across this story on Disappeared & I think from now on the Cruise ship company and members that are on board should be Charged with anyone that comes up missing! Charge them with kidnapping or something!!! This is crazy.

    November 6, 2020
  • I completely agree with jay yow! When the navy member saw her at a brothel why didn’t he help her? Why weren’t the cruise ship members pressed harder during questioning? Why wasn’t this case taken seriously??? Something is not right…..

    November 13, 2020
    • SADLY, The navy member thought he would get in trouble for being in a Brothel so he waited TOO long to come forward.

      November 20, 2020
  • Wow, how utterly tragic – I have just seen Amy’s disappearance on ‘Cruise Ship …’ I am absolutely speechless!! I cannot believe HOW or WHY more was not done to find her and shame on anyone that has withheld or delayed information on finding her!!! Hopefully, she is still with us but she desperately needs her family to help her through ALL the traumas she has suffered – tragically her whole family is broken in different ways but finding Amy will help them ALL and by having HER HOME will help one and all. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION come forward 🤞🤞🤞

    November 14, 2020
  • I think it’s the same reason with a woman in a toilet stall in Barbados, who also sighted her in 2005. Basically, you’re in a completely foreign and potentially dangerous environment, who knows what could happened if you’re unnecessarily make yourself interfered against those brothel mafias, even if you’re a Navy member. Please be sensible about it, It’s best to just informed authorities. But I agree with you, something really fishy has been happening under the curtains.

    November 15, 2020
  • This story is one of many heartbreaking..
    It makes me livid to know that sex trafficking is real..I been on cruise ships and its difficult for people not to see you not to mention cameras…that cruise ship was working with the traffickers and also the city…its big dollars. Unfortunately they kill off the victims after the girls aren’t bringing in money and her being 46 does not look good on the situation. I do wish the family luck on some type of closure. And slow death to the people responsible..

    November 16, 2020
  • Parts of this dont ring true. If somebody used her pictures from the boat they wouldnt delete all the pictures. Also most cruise ships have multiple cctv cameras so how come nothing was seen. Its strange that she didnt want to go on the trip and the last person to see her alive was her dad. makes me think she could have been thrown off the boat but then maybe she did comit suicide or had an accident after all you can never tell whats in someones mind. I find it scetchy as hell that all these people claimed to have seen her in distress but not one called the police

    November 17, 2020
  • And today was the first time I had heard the story of Amy, I don’t always watch crime stories, because like this story you can’t stop thinking of this young girl that went missing since 1998, my heart goes out to the family and of course Amy. I couldn’t imagine the sorrow , the worrying that the family has been going through all these years. And yes so many things could of been done better, but the most important thing is that the family find Amy, I agree with a lot of the comments why weren’t things done differently.
    And to Amy’s family your in my thoughts and prayers. Very sad story.

    December 21, 2020
  • Must have gone overboard….last seen on the deck…no evidence she left the room. They have cameras on ships . Could have went overboard hours before missing

    January 4, 2021

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