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If you’ve seen 'Tiger King', you know Carole is meme-ready – from allegedly killing her husband Don to how Howard is completely whipped.

Carole Baskin memes: These jokes about her husband are too true

We can’t get this Tiger King rhyme out of our head: “Carole Baskin! Killed her husband, whacked em … fed him to tigers, they snackin’ …” The rhyme is all over TikTok. They even have a dance for it! 

If you’ve seen Tiger King, you know what’s up. From how she allegedly killed her husband Don and fed him to the tigers to how Howard is completely whipped, here are the best memes about Carole Baskin’s husbands.

Just a normal bike ride, nothing suspicious

We could totally see Miss Piggy bicycling Kermit to his doom. Do tigers like frogs?

It’s not fun in there, Carole! 

We’re sure Don can relate to this picture.


Our year was rubbed in sardine oil, killed, and fed to the tigers, too! 

Sometimes, life imitates art

The Tiger King memes have made their way into real life. 


We’ve been there too, Carole. 

Did Don taste good? 

We’ve been wondering. Some of the memes say yes, some of the memes say no. The tigers on Tiger King couldn’t tell us! 

Pretty much

Carole’s new husband Howard is known for being a bit of a doormat. And yes, he’s definitely a sandals & socks guy. 

Since we’re bored in the house

And we’re in the house bored, we decided to see what our delivery people think of Carole Baskin’s husband while social distancing. 

Conspiracy theories

Since these are two of the most despised characters on Tiger King, we’ll believe it. 

How we spent our summer vacation

If kids return to school in the fall, we can see the Lisa Simpsons of the world making a Carole Baskin’s husband diorama.

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