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If cold cases and unsolved mysteries are something you find interesting, there are plenty of 'Dateline' episodes you may want to checkout.

The craziest ‘Dateline’ episodes: All these cases still remain unsolved

Dateline on NBC has been running since 1992. The show has covered some of the most famous murders and disappearances in the United States, as well as bringing light to some of the lesser known cases.

Not all of the stories on Dateline have been solved, however. So, if cold cases and unsolved mysteries are something you find interesting, there are plenty of Dateline episodes you may want to checkout.

Tara Grinstead

The case of Tara Grinstead was covered in the Dateline episode “A Small Town Secret”, which aired in October of 2018.

Grinstead was a teacher and former beauty pageant participant. She was last seen at a friend’s house for a barbecue, which she left at 11pm on a Saturday evening. When she didn’t show up for work the following Monday, those who knew her became concerned.

The clothes she had worn on Saturday were in her home, as were her cell phone, pets, and car. Though her purse, keys, and earrings were gone. There are no known suspects and many attempts have been made to find out what happened to her.

Adam Emery

Dateline covered this case back in the 90s, and yet the mystery of Adam Emery’s whereabouts still hasn’t been solved for certain.

Emery’s car was sideswiped one day, however the driver sped off. Emery attempted to chase down the vehicle with the aid of his wife. When they thought they had found the right vehicle he began shouting at the driver, Jason Bass. However, Bass was not the person who had hit Emery’s car, so Bass attempted to drive away to escape the unsolicited road rage.

Eventually, Emery was able to get Bass to stop his car and his wife gave him a knife. Ultimately Bass ended up dead. Emery was convicted of second-degree murder, but was allowed to go out on bail before his final sentencing. The day he was found guilty he and his wife bought exercise clothes and eight pounds of weights.

Later their vehicle was found abandoned & running on a bridge with clothes carefully folded in the backseat. Although it appeared the couple had committed suicide together, authorities were unconvinced. It was years before anything came of the search for the two Emerys, though the wife’s skull was found in the river they were suspected of having jumped into. No remains of Adam have been recovered, however, and many think he may still be alive.

Roberto Solis

This cold case was covered by Dateline in an episode which aired in 2006 on September ninth. Roberto Solis was a convicted murderer – he had killed a guard of an armored vehicle in an attempted robbery.

In 1993 Heather Tallchief, who was once a successful nurse in California but had quit her job, was working as an armored vehicle guard. Two months into the job she drove off with a truck which had three million dollars in it. Solis’s fingerprints were found in her apartment when authorities went searching. The two had met in California and begun a relationship.

However, in 2005 Tallchief turned herself in saying she was tired of running from the law. She said it had been over ten years since she had seen Solis, and nobody has yet found him.

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Tara Grinstead

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