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Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest: A timeline for Jeffrey Epstein’s “madam”

Ghislaine Maxwell is the former girlfriend of convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein first faced the courts in 2008 where he negotiated a plea deal for the charges against him. He was arrested again in 2019 on even more serious crimes related to sex trafficking and sexual abuse. 

Since Epstein’s arrest in 2008, allegations about Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement in his crimes have circulated in abundance. Several of Epstein’s victims accused Maxwell of recruiting and grooming them for Epstein’s abuse, while others additionally accused her of participating in the sexual abuse herself. 

Although Ghislaine Maxwell denies all the allegations against her, it’s clear that she at least did know that her boyfriend was running an elaborate sex trafficking ring that served himself, and his wealthy & prominent billionaire friends. How did Ghislaine Maxwell get mixed up in a situation like that? Here’s everything we know about her involvement in Epstein’s life, and subsequent criminal ventures. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

Her background

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, one of England’s notable media moguls. She grew up in an ostentatious mansion and was certainly no stranger to the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. When Robert Maxwell suddenly died in November, 1991, Ghislaine’s life took quite the turn. 

After his death, it was revealed that his obscene wealth had been fraudulently squandered away. As there was no money left to distribute, and his companies actually owed people money, Ghislaine Maxwell faced an empty inheritance. Soon after, Maxwell left England for New York, hoping to start over and reinvent her life. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

Epstein and Maxwell’s relationship

There are two theories about when Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell met for the first time. The first is that Robert Maxwell introduced his daughter to Jeffrey Epstein in the late 1980s. A more popular theory, however, is that they officially met for the first time after Maxwell left English bound for New York City in the wake of her father’s death. 

Whether Maxwell & Epstein did meet in the 1980s or not, it is definitely true that upon their encounter at a New York City social event, they did begin dating. They dated through the 1990s and even after they separated later, it is believed they did remain friends. 

While the details of the kind of romantic relationship that Epstein & Maxwell shared are not well known, it is clear that Maxwell did know that her boyfriend was involved in nefarious affairs. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

What also remains true is that Ghislaine Maxwell benefited financially from her connection & relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. It has been reported that he bought her New York City townhouse for her, and transferred at least $20 million into her bank account in the mid-late 2000s. 

Meeting Jeffrey Epstein was the perfect solution to Ghislaine Maxwell’s woes after her father died. Upon her connection to Epstein, Maxwell flourished on the socialite scene in New York and restored her lifestyle to the opulence she was accustomed to. It did, however, come at a great cost. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

Their crimes

Allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell’s role in Jeffrey Epstein’s warped sexual world date all the way back to 1994. Maxwell has been accused of befriending minors, attempting to build a relationship with them so she could later deliver them to Jeffrey Epstein to abuse. Allegedly, Maxwell would take the girls shopping, or to the movies. Sometimes she would appear to seem interested in their personal lives. 

Maxwell would allegedly lure the girls to Epstein’s residence under the guise of paid massage work. She would target underprivileged minors who she thought wouldn’t be able to refuse the money. For those slightly older, Maxwell & Epstein allegedly lured young women into their sordid lives with the promise to assist in their careers and further their endeavors. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is just synonymous with Jeffrey Epstein at this point, but how did she get so involved in his sex trafficking circle?

Additionally, Maxwell & Epstein have been accused of trafficking some of these girls out to their friends and associates among their extremely elite circle. Most notably, among the accused is Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein & Maxwell’s victims, alleges that she was trafficked out to Prince Andrew several times. There is photographic evidence that the pair actually did meet, but Prince Andrew denies all allegations against him. 

Investigators have identified as many as thirty-six girls that were victims of Jeffrey Epstein & Maxwell Ghislaine’s sex trafficking ring. Some of them were as young as fourteen when they were brought into the fold. Investigators believe it is highly likely there are many more victims yet to be identified. 

Epstein’s arrest

By 2008, the Palm Beach Police Department had already been investigating Jeffrey Epstein for quite some time. Although they had collected evidence to support much harsher charges, Jeffrey Epstein was only charged with one count of soliciting a minor for prostitution. 

Epstein managed to negotiate a plea deal that saw him serve only thirteen months of an eighteen month sentence. Instead of serving his time in a federal prison, Jeffrey Epstein served his time at the Palm Beach County Stockade. To further add to the controversy surrounding his deal, Epstein was granted “work release” and was allowed to leave each day for up to twelve hours under the guise of “work”. He was released each day on his own recognizance. 

Then, in 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested again. This time, the charges against him were much more serious than his first run in with the law. This time, law enforcement were able to slap him with charges involving conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and sex trafficking of underage girls. The case against him was substantial and Epstein was being held in a Manhattan jail while he awaited trial. 

Deemed a flight risk due seriousness of the charges against him, in addition to his connections and obscene wealth, he was denied bail. He committed suicide in his cell six weeks after his initial arrest. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging. 

Maxwell’s 2015 civil case

Virginia Roberts Giuffre was working at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida when she was approached by Ghislaine Maxwell. Roberts Giuffre was working at the resort at the time as a massage therapist, and Maxwell offered her part-time work on the side. 

Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleges that Ghislaine Maxwell lured her back to Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion with the promise of massage work. However, when Roberts Guiffre got there, she alleges that Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her. Roberts Giuffre claims that Maxwell was instrumental in procuring her for Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual desires. 

Maxwell denied all allegations that Virginia Roberts Guiffre made against her, calling the woman a liar. Roberts Guiffre sued Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation in 2015. While the details of the settlement have not been made public, the two definitely did settle. It is believed that Maxwell paid Roberts Guiffre millions of dollars in retribution. Upon settling with Roberts Giuffre, Maxwell slipped away from public life. 

Maxwell’s arrest

Considering all the allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell, following Epstein’s arrest in July 2019, the FBI started looking for her. For quite some time, nobody knew where she was. Rumors began circulating that she was hiding out on Epstein’s Carribean Island, Little Saint James. Others believed she was in Brazil. 

Nobody really knew for sure. A photograph surfaced of Maxwell eating at a Los Angeles In ‘n’ Out, but it was later revealed that the photograph was fake. However, eleven months after Epstein’s suicide in prison, Maxwell was located. She was arrested in New Hampshire, where she was living a life of seclusion on a sprawling ranch. 

Maxwell faces federal charges that include transporting a minor for the purposes of criminal sexual activity, and conspiring to entice minors to travel and engage in illegal sex acts. Like Epstein, Maxwell was deemed a flight risk and was denied bail. She is awaiting trial in a Manhattan jail. Her trial date is set for July 12, 2021.

Despite desperate objections from Maxwell’s lawyers, the court ordered the hordes of documents sealed after Maxwell settled with Virignia Roberts Giuffre in 2015 be unsealed and made public. Maxwell’s lawyers claimed the details were deeply personal, and included information about her sex life. The judge ordered the documents be unsealed anyway. 

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