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As we delve deeper into Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal life, what if his experiences with education had any impact on his dark path? Here's what we know

Did Jeffrey Epstein’s education lay the path for his life of crime?

If you haven’t heard all about Jeffrey Epstein by now, then one has to wonder: where have you been for the last couple years?

In case you need a quick refresher, Jeffrey Epstein was a multi-millionaire and financier who had very strong connections to a world out of reach for most – one of politicians, celebrities, and even foreign royalty. This included ties to an underground world of secret crimes and scandals. 

Epstein died in 2019 in what was first reported as suicide in a jail cell while waiting for one of the most covered trials of the decade. As we delve deeper into Epstein’s criminal life, we have to wonder if his experiences with education had any impact on his dark path.

Jeffrey Epstein: No stranger to crime  

Jeffrey Epstein found trouble with the law as early as 2008 when he was charged with soliciting prostitution involving a minor, and subsequently registered as a sex offender. 

Epstein was arrested again in July 2019 after his alleged involvement in a shocking number of sexual assaults, rapes, and pornography charges with underage female victims over the course of several years. 

Reportedly, Epstein was also involved with multiple counts of human trafficking, attempted trafficking, and offering victims compensation to recruit others for him. All of these crimes occurred throughout the United States at the various homes and properties that Epstein owned.

Epstein pleaded not guilty to his charges and was denied bail, resulting in his new residence – a jail cell. As mentioned above, Epstein was found dead in that cell before his trial began. Some pointed to suicide, and others to murder, as the case unravelled to reveal more layers of mystery. 

Who else knew about Epstein’s involvement? Who were the powerful individuals lobbying for his release? And what in Epstein’s life could have led to his pursuit of such terrible and violent crimes – could his education have laid the path for his criminal life? 

Jeffrey Epstein’s path to education 

Jeffrey Epstein was a New York native who graduated from high school at the early age of sixteen. He quickly enrolled in  The Cooper Union – a prestigious, private college in Manhattan. In 1971 he dropped out and decided to attend the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University; he also left before attaining a degree. 

Reports suggest that early in his schooling, Epstein had a business-oriented mind and demonstrated interest in financial ventures, causing him to leave school to pursue them. 

We’re familiar with the success stories of other college dropouts like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg – born before all of them, maybe Epstein can even be considered a trailblazer in this familiar trend.

Jeffrey Epstein: A student becomes the teacher

Despite his lack of a college degree Epstein somehow found reliable work at another prestigious institution called The Dalton School – a private college preparatory school in New York City. Epstein was deemed qualified to teach calculus and physics to students paying for a top-dollar education. 

He worked at the school between the years 1973 & 1975, exposed to students from powerful business families like the children of Ace Greenberg, the chairman of Bear Stearns – a once world-renowned investment bank & brokerage firm. 

Jeffrey Epstein attained a job at Bear Stearns before moving on to start his own firm. Is it possible that he sought a position at The Dalton School simply to network and earn a spot in the high-powered world of executives? After all, he was fired at the end of only two years for what was cited as “poor performance.” 

Epstein: Education and exposure

Perhaps only coincidence, Business Insider reported from interviews that Epstein “was friendly” with the daughter of Ace Greenberg during his time as her teacher. This comment that by itself may be vague and innocuous, but could it also allude to a deeper foundation that fueled Epstein’s criminal intentions? 

Consider this: An article published in the New York Post in 2018 details allegations of sexual assault, on at least one student, of a former headmaster of The Dalton School in 1986. 

Although these are still allegations and occurred nearly a decade after Epstein’s departure, could the closed-door conduct of a private school foster an environment perfect for a predator-in-waiting like Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein and education: A pathway to crime 

After his time in the realm of academia, Epstein did follow through with a career in finance. It was in 1981, six years after the removal from his position at The Dalton School, that Epstein climbed the ladder of success and set out to establish his own consulting firm – the first of several independent business ventures. 

It’s impossible to trace all the intricacies of Epstein’s life – his exposure to well-connected individuals, his extensive involvement with high volumes of cash, or his many alleged criminal activities. 

We do know that there was something unique – even if seemingly typical – about Epstein’s experience in the world of education as it related to his incredible wealth and connections. 

Utilizing academic institutions as vehicles for networking, Epstein exploited the educational system to draw interest from more than his former teachers or students. Instead, it’s not improbable that Jeffrey Epstein strategically attended specific schools – as both student and teacher – to lay a path for his future life of crime.

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