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Here's everything you need to know about the rising dangers of the Mexican cartels in our tumultuous times.

Here’s why Mexican cartels are more dangerous than ever

The novel coronavirus has devastated so many countries and inflicted pain upon countless families. You would think with such a common enemy that things like crime would lower in frequency. Sadly, it just isn’t so. Mexico in particular, has a crime rate that is climbing the same as ever. As cases of COVID-19 rise, so do incidents of homicide.

Mexican cartels are more dangerous than ever. A pandemic hasn’t slowed down their activity. In fact, the pandemic may be one of the contributing factors that has made them even more dangerous in recent months. 

It’s crazy how much of a trickle down effect things can have. The Mexican cartel has never been an entity to play with, but its killings are becoming more frequent. Many a Mexican family has had to contend with the cartel’s work. Some Mexican gang members claim the government is still ultimately king in Mexico, but if the cartel has the feds in their pocket by siphoning portions of proceeds to them, what truly is the difference?

The danger of the Mexican cartel 

The cartel is not afraid of police officers. Last year 446 officers were murdered and in 2020 that number is already heading towards topping 500. It’s not unheard of to hear about a police officer getting hunted down and shot several dozen times. Finding a beheaded corpse in the middle of the desert and accepting it as the work of the cartel is pretty much standard procedure in Mexico.

Possibly even more sick is the fact that it’s not unheard of for cartel members to visit the funeral processions of hits they’ve taken down to shoot up the funeral as well. As if causing grief to numerous family members and friends isn’t enough, they extend their homicidal hatred towards these people as well. Often, an armed police escort is needed to prevent a second wave of killing at police officer funerals.

Probably the sickest part about all the danger the cartel inflicts on the Mexican population is that they get away with it. The many, many gallons of blood on their hands goes unaccounted for by the Mexican court system. About 95% of homicides go unsolved in Mexico. 

Mexican cartels & COVID-19

Most Mexican families instinctively know not to seek out justice or ask questions even if one of their family members has been murdered. To do so would be to invite more wrath and death upon the family.  It’s no secret that the Mexican cartel pays off government officials in exchange for free reign and control of land where they can grow their drug crops. 

As a result of COVID-19, Mexican cartels have been having difficulty moving their merchandise across country borders. In an attempt to curb the rise of coronavirus cases, movement between countries has been restricted or minimized by many nations. Since the start of the pandemic, the Mexican cartel has been having trouble carting merchandise across the U.S. border in particular.

As one of the Mexican cartel’s largest sources of revenue, this has become a big problem. Failure to reach U.S. consumers has put a big dent in cartel coffers and tensions in criminal organizations like the Sinaloa Cartel have risen. Some attribute this rise in tension and strain on financial resources as the reason for the rise in murders by cartel members. 

The cartel is looking to make money any way it can in the interim of this global health crisis. Maybe a rise in intimidation tactics may open up some new avenues for them to produce profit. Another reason may be to simply vent their frustrations. The increased danger of Mexican cartels is just one more reason to hope the pandemic will soon come to an end.

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