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School can be lots of fun. Here are the best TV shows with hilarious characters who also happen to be students.

4 TV shows with awesome student characters

College, by its definition, is an educational institution. Though, almost all students would agree that a description like that limits the experience to educational only, which is not true. It is also a place for students to meet new interesting people, get new skills and experience. A place where they can challenge their skills and knowledge practically. But most importantly, college is a facility that gives people the ability to take part in new activities and create exciting memories together.

There are plenty of TV shows about life in college. Yet, not all of them succeed because the key to an interesting series is having a believable and relatable character. The one that will make you want to follow their story until the very end. To live through each day of their life. Lay back on your couch, get help with your college chores from and relax as you watch TV shows from our list. Let’s dive in!


Many consider Community to be one of the most unusual series. Not only does it negate the usual cliches and tropes, but it also makes fun of them. Starting from the very first episode, when the main character (Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale) is accused of forging his bachelor’s degree and ends up getting disbarred.

Jeff is overly confident, a sarcastic, manipulative narcissist, who takes all chances to pass his work on anyone else. That’s why it is so interesting to watch him evolve over time. As he spends more time with the group of students at a university he was almost forced to enter, he becomes a better person. As time passes, he reveals more of his kind side, sacrificing his own circumstances to aid his new friends and becoming less critical.

The show isn’t about him only, though. Jeff is surrounded by fascinating and intriguing people:

  • Britta (Gillian Jacobs) – an anarchist activist who’s trying her best to show all the world how proactive and intelligent she is. Though she ends up coming off as a hypocrite, she truly does have good intentions.
  • Abed (Danny Puddy) – half-Palestinian, half-Polish nerd, who’s strong side is deep knowledge in TV shows and movies.
  • Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) – typical football-playing alpha-male. Just like the main character, it’s intriguing to watch him reveal his nerdy and careless side.
  • And plenty of others!


The show revolves around Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi). Her desire is to prove herself in college and become a fashion designer. However, as we all know, life doesn’t always go as planned. During her learning, Zoey changes course to a major she created herself: “Sociology of Fashion” and pursues fashion styling. During her time at CalU, she falls in love with Aaron Jackson (played by Trevor Jackson). Trevor is an embodiment of black activism, studying Arts and Social Rights.

The series greatly describes the hardships every human stumbles upon during college. It shows that things don’t always go the designated way, and it is in your hands to come over the challenges life strikes you with.


Although the series lasted only 1 season of 17 episodes, it has become one of the most cult-followed TV Shows in the last 25 years. Steven (Jay Baruchel), is a stereotypical nerdy teenager (he doesn’t wear eyeglasses, though). Upon entering North East California University, Steve is thrilled to finally remove his ‘geek’ status that was given to him in high school.

On his first day, he’s trying his best to act less awkwardly than he used to. However, it doesn’t seem to impress his new roommates. The day is saved by a girl named Lizzie (Carla Gallo) who becomes Steven’s first friend. Lizzie has a long-distance boyfriend Eric, who is always hot and cold. After accidentally finding our main character in despair, caused by his parents’ divorce, the girl decides to comfort him.

After that, Steve puts even more effort to become a better version of himself. His roommates notice his attempts and start acting warmer to him. They later become some sort of a group, trying to protect themselves from others in the university. It is fascinating to spectate the main character to develop himself from a ‘geek’ to a socially active gentleman, who is ready to do anything for his friends and the girl he loves.

Overall, it is a shame that a show this good had only aired for 17 episodes. But we highly recommend becoming acquainted with Undeclared, as it is simply one of the best in terms of character and relationship development.


Focused mostly on the main character’s high-school crush, the TV show Felicity tells a story about Felicity Porter (Keri Russell). After having her crush Ben (Scott Speedman) sign her yearbook during the high school graduation, Felicity decides to build plans for life around her feelings.

She follows Ben, entering The University of New York instead of Stanford. Obviously enough, her parents aren’t satisfied with their daughter’s rash and illogical decision to pursue her romance. Yet, Felicity doesn’t give up easily, as she realizes that it’s not about her and Ben only, but also about finding her true self.

The show depicts a great story about relationship problems during studying, including a stereotypical love triangle. It also shows the great pain of the inner fight with oneself, especially the one you encounter at the beginning of adult life.


Making this list, we tried to state TV Shows that describe unique and fascinating characters, each having their own individual problems. Despite taking place during college scholarship, the series stated in this list express different aspects and challenges of being a student. Each of them in their own special way.

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