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'Unto the Son' is a new crime drama from director Corey Asraf. Here's what you need to know about the movie and its stellar cast.

Casting and filming news for indie film ‘Unto the Son’

Unto the Son is a new crime drama from director Corey Asraf. The film chronicles the partnership between veteran con men Yakov (Adam Karst), Rafi (Danny A. Abeckaser) and Rabbi Hammerstein (Harvey Keitel), and the way it deteriorates when they come under the thumb of the Russian mafia. The star-studded affair also takes a look at the criminal underworld and the way it shatters familial bonds.

This is not the first time Asraf has dabbled in the crime genre. His debut film, Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016), was mostly well received by critics, with many pointing to his command of visuals and suspense. Unto the Son is the logical next step for Asraf, and a perfect vehicle for his established directorial talents. 

It doesn’t hurt that Corey Asraf has a stellar cast at his disposal. Where his first film was made up of familiar character actors, Unto the Son features established stars like Harvey Keitel & Abbie Cornish. Keitel is an especially good example of casting, given his tough presence and his association with gangster classics like Mean Streets, Bad Lieutenant, and Reservoir Dogs. He lends the film gravitas through his very presence.

Keitel previously worked with Danny A. Abeckaser on Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and Abeckaser’s own First We Take Brooklyn. The duo are also slated to appear in the highly anticipated gangster flick Lansky. It’s obvious these two have chemistry, so the more we see of them together the better. Their scenes in Unto the Son are sure to be a highlight.

Cornish also has an impressive resume under her belt. She broke out with the action film Sucker Punch in 2011, and has since gone on to bolster her stardom with varied films like Limitless, Geostorm, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. She currently stars on the Amazon series Jack Ryan opposite John Krasinski.

Peter Facinelli, Tom Arnold, and Marta Pozzan fill out the rest of Asraf’s casting list. Pozzan is a newcomer to feature films, and Unto the Son will mark her debut after a successful career as a model and social media influencer. She first made buzz in the movie industry with her 2020 short Next One, and is sure to bring a freshness and vitality to her character. 

Unto the Son also boasts impressive personnel behind the camera. The film will be executive produced by Ayelet Emma Regev Junger, Mylan Dockery, Eliza Flug, and Jennifer Roth. All these producers have been attached to hit projects in the past, but Roth has the most dazzling list of accomplishments. She has served as a producer on classic films like The Wrestler, Black Swan, and Mudbound

Unto the Son will be shot primarily in Coastal Mississippi, Miami and Israel. The production is slated to begin in February 2021, barring any last-minute delays or COVID-19 related setbacks, and will be overseen by Asraf’s production company Coreyworks. A release date has not yet been announced.

The film rights are currently available for pre-sale domestically and internationally via iuvit Media Sales.

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