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Enjoy some free workout videos courtesy of the Amazon Prime streaming service. Here’s our ranking of the eight best worth trying.

Binge Fit: Jane Fonda and the best workout videos to stream for free

As people who spend a great deal of time sat on our asses bingewatching hours upon hours’ worth of TV and films in the name of “journalism”, we know how tricky it can be to stay fit and healthy. Maintaining a rockin’ bod sadly isn’t something that accompanies minimal movement and mass quantities of carbs.

Luckily, your Amazon Prime account isn’t just great for bingewatching and piling on the pounds. There are actually plenty of great workout videos to stream for free on Amazon Prime that can help you to continue looking lean and feeling like your best self.

Whether you want to get your beach body back, build up some strength, drop a few pounds, or pretend you’re a Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling in training, you can start by enjoying some free workouts courtesy of Amazon’s streaming service. Here’s our ranking of the eight best worth trying.

8. Studio S Live Bootcamp

These total body workouts from Sara Moreland are designed to be done three times a week (with rest days in between) to challenge people physically and mentally. There are currently nine different workout regimes available in the season involving everything from strength training and abs & butt targeted regimes to full body workouts and intense drills.

7. Bollyfit

Perfect for fans of Hindi musicals, host Reshmi Chetram combines fitness with Bollywood music and dance moves for a full-on set of workout sessions. There are plenty of tried & tested moves that will be familiar to fitness enthusiasts and Bollywood fans alike and with 25 episodes to enjoy, it could be a great month long fitness regime to help anyone get back into shape.

6. Jane Fonda’s Low Impact Workout

For anyone who may have some physical impairments or who just wants to get back into shape as smoothly as possible, this low impact regime will honestly do the job. It’s also bound to raise a smile or two courtesy of the weird workout environment of the routine, which seems to involve plenty of terrible country and western music, pained smiles, wacky outfits, and Fonda warning you not to “trip on the carpet”. Message received, sister!

5. The Lamesha Vine Effect: Dance Exercise

The Los Angeles-based dancer and choreographer’s 30-minute routine promises you’ll be “dancing and performing as if you were in your own music video” by the end of it. Different to other regimes on this list, the dance-based routine is designed to be memorized to give your brain a workout alongside your body with the moves involved providing a great cardiovascular workout.

4. Kettlebell Sculptor Workout

Designed specifically to build lean muscle and burn fat, this regime from personal trainer Taylor Bosco is simple yet effective. Through precision-targeted strength training, the workout aims to provide an “ultimate sculpting and toning total body workout” by turning up your heart rate and working virtually every muscle group in your body.

3. Amazon Body – Total Toning & Weight Loss

Devised to be followed as an intense three week program, this comprehensive weight-loss regime combines cardio and strength training with ultimate sculpting and toning, yoga, and lower body workouts. As the program is for people of all fitness levels, the well-rounded exercises has something for everyone and should help to push you to the next level.

2. Ballet Fitness with Nicky Mcginty

Created by ballerina and professional choreographer Nicky McGinty, these six ballet-themed routines offer a unique fusion of ballet and fitness that should be of interest to anyone who enjoys the limber elements of yoga and the musicality of dance aerobics. The regime is peaceful and laid back while still offering an overall cardiovascular workout designed to target and firm specific body parts.

1. Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout

The classic 90s workout regime from Fonda is wonderful if just for the workout ensembles alone. It’s aged terribly (whoa there with the unexpected dose of sexism), but the workout is actually impressive, as is Fonda’s propensity to refer to the ass as being “buns”. It’s a 90s nostalgia dream.

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