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Which James Bond movie is the best of all time? We've sat down and made the decisioin ourselves, it was not an easy one.

Which James Bond Movie Was Hands Down The Best?

Ever since 1962, when Dr No was first released in cinemas, English spy James Bond has been synonymous with cool gadgets, gorgeous women and a diverse array of villains. Perhaps you can even find a novelty-bet for the next James Bond movie. Because, yes you now can place bet on TV-Shows, Movies and more if you’re not interested in sports. 

Those kinds of bets are getting lots of traction lately due to Covid-19. In this guide you can find out more about them.  But with so many different outings of the famous MI6 agent – 26 films in total to date – and with six different actors playing the role, which James Bond movie is hands down the best?

When it comes to the James Bond franchise, choosing the best movie is not easy. With each change of actor, audiences have seen the character evolve and change too. Your personal favourite Bond movie may likely relate more to which actor’s performance you most enjoy.

Sean Connery originated the role in Dr No, and he for many is still the ultimate incarnation of Bond. Roger Moore’s Bond was often more tongue in cheek, with plenty of double entendres and over the top bad guys to keep audiences hooked, although sometimes rather silly.

Pierce Brosnan’s Bond echoed much of the Connery era, seeing a return to the suave, classy Englishman who was taking things seriously. Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby often appear lower down the list of James Bond movie rankings, with Dalton’s Bond rather subtler than any actor who had come before him. As the current James Bond, Daniel Craig has strived to reinvent the character and make him his own. 

In fact, Craig has made sure in all interviews he gives about Bond to raise this point strongly. Thanks to Craig’s depth as an actor, he has managed to make the quintessentially English spy more than just an archetype, and instead has brought a multifaceted performance to the part.

This for many has made the Craig era of Bond one of the most successful, with one more 007 movie starring Craig still to be released. There have been a number of different actors rumoured to be being considered for the role, with giving great odds for James Norton or Game of Throne’s star Richard Madden possibly being cast in the iconic role. 

For now, it seems as if only time will tell as to who will secure the role as the next 007 and carry on the famous spy’s legacy.

So which James Bond movie is hands down the best? When it comes to the critics, it certainly seems as if the early movies rank the highest. From Russia With Love is often cited as the best James Bond movie so far, with a number of different aspects coming together to make this movie one of the best of the bunch. The movie epitomizes everything you think of when it comes to 007.

The Cold War revenge plot keeps audiences guessing, with a tightly woven plot written to thrill. As only the second film in the franchise, it sets out many of the conventions which are now so associated with this movie series, including the pre-title sequence, secret gadgets, and weapons, along with a helicopter scene and the trail after the end credits that audience could expect to see a continuation of Bond’s adventures. 

This was also the first movie of the franchise to really make the most of a theme song, sung by Matt Monro with lyrics by Lionel Bart. James Bond’s love interest for the film, the beautiful Tatiana, was played by Daniela Bianchi, a former Miss Universe contestant. Her and Connery’s sizzling onscreen chemistry may be down to the fact that Connery himself chose her for the role out of a wide selection of other actresses who had screen tested. 

Although much of the film was shot on the sound stages of Pinewood Studios in London, the exotic locations of Istanbul, Venice and Belgrade that feature in the movie give it a real sense of pace and adventure, with director Terence Young keen to try and make all non-location work still as realistic looking as possible.

Overall, the combination of a tight, pacey script that played well to Connery’s suave Bond persona, along with an excellent supporting cast and what is now considered the classic Bond film opening and closing title sequences, From Russia With Love can definitely be argued as the best James Bond movie hands down.

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