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Need some information on the movie 'Casino' from 1995? Here's a review and summary that should help you out.

Casino (1995) movie Review and Film Summary

The 1995 movie Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese, is extremely well received and praised by movie fans all over, even more than twenty years later. The story follows Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro) who runs a mob-owned casino called Tangiers.

Since the movie is twenty-five years old the world of gambling, casinos, and betting have changed quite a bit since the movie’s release. Physical casinos obviously still exist, but the digital casinos are becoming more and more popular for people – especially this year. It’s a lot easier to partake in gambling from a computer or mobile device and it’s certainly easier to try a new online casino whenever you want to. Make sure to check out!

Despite being an older film Casino is still raved about, and may well be set up to stand the test of time. So, we wrote a review and summary for those who aren’t yet convinced about watching it or who those who watched it a long time ago and don’t remember it as well as they’d like.


Sam Rothstein runs the Tangiers casino in Las Vegas, though it originally received $60,000,000 worth of funding from a Chicago mob boss named Remo Gaggi (Pasquale Cajano). Now the mob skims millions of dollars from the casino’s earnings.

Rothstein makes it clear he runs a slick establishment that doesn’t tolerate cheaters. Early on in the film there’s a scene where Rothstein catches a couple of blackjack cheaters and doles out some physical justice by shocking a man, dragging him to a back room, and smashing his hand with a hammer.

One day, Rothstein falls in love with a call-girl named Ginger McKenna (Sharon Stone). This is the first of many troubles for Rothstein. The two date around happily, but when Rothstein proposes to McKenna she refuses. She’s been working for the same pimp for a long time and she has no desire to give up her job. However, when Rothstein makes it clear he can shower her with every possible luxury she marries him. Throughout the movie McKenna develops a drinking problem and a bad drug habit.

Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) is a dangerous criminal who knew Rothstein back in Chicago. Santoro eventually winds up in Las Vegas too and makes a small crew that quickly begins making waves in Vegas. After a terrible bout of tourture, Santoro is labeled a mob enforcer, despite this not being true. Rothstein’s connection to Santoro isn’t good for him.

As Rothstein’s life spirals word gets back to the mob bosses. Eventually the mess that gets made around Sam Rothstein looks too big to clean up and the mob resorts to having him killed.


The movie is nearly immediately gripping as it opens with the lead character being blown up in a car bomb. The visual effect of his body being thrown from the vehicle may not have aged particularly well, but the movie isn’t very CGI heavy and this can be forgiven quickly. The rest of Casino aims to tell the story of how Rothstein ended up in the fiery vehicle.

With narration from multiple characters the audience is treated to the kind of story knowledge one can usually only get from books. Viewers know the thoughts, motivations, and emotions of multiple characters intimately allowing for viewers to be fully engrossed in the events that take place before them. It’s easy to become invested and care about the characters – even if you’re told the ending in the opening sequence.

Overall, if you’re a fan of mob movies, gambling, Scorsese, or any of the numerous A-list actors in the Casino movie cast then this film is well worth a watch, even if it is two and a half decades old.



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