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'Mr. Robot' stars the unreliable narrator of unreliable narrators, Elliot Alderson. Here's our review of 'Mr. Robot' season 1.

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 1 Review

Mr. Robot stars the unreliable narrator of unreliable narrators, Elliot Alderson. He hacks everyone around him, bringing down bad characters and trying to protect people that are sad or lonely. Most of the individuals he investigates are awful and it seems like he’s looking for a connection but constantly being let down. 

Amazingly enough, even though he’s a level 99 hacker he manages to remain likable and relatable throughout the show. The article is presented by Singapore online casino review database by casinoslots.

In episode 1, the slightly confrontational Mr. Robot invites him to join his virtuous hacker group, fsociety, and Elliot likes him right off the bat. Robot’s plan is to obliterate E Corp, the largest conglomerate in the world and get rid of everyone’s debts. Mr. Alderson is down for this because his father died working for E Corp and he hates them so much he mentally rebranded them, Evil Corp. It’s very important to note that we are in Elliot’s head and we mostly see things from his perspective. 

He seems to like us quite a bit, at one point he talks about building a perfect utopia with all his friends and says that we’d be there. Plenty of programs break the fourth wall but Robot is peculiar in how much Mr. Alderson interacts with the viewer. He asks us to look for things, begs us for help, and he starts yelling at you for not telling him about a plot twist. 

The earliest clue that something isn’t quite right in Mr. Alderson’s universe is the one day off theory, which isn’t really a theory. Every date in Robot world is actually off by one day, and there’s some strange going on with time in general. You’ll also be happy to know that 9/11 did not occur in Elliot’s world so the people of Mr. Robot get to lead long and happy lives. 

A virtuous hacker group taking down an evil corporation is a vanilla set up so there’s also the dark army, a much more malicious hacker group, which is kinda like a cult. Dark Army will work with you, kill you, or protect you, all depending on what their mysterious leader WhiteRose wants at the time. 

The fast paced story, dialogue, music ques, and cinematography all come together to make it the best pilot of all time. Each episode in season 1 is a satisfying gobble and then you get a hint of what the next satisfying gobble will be. In fact, season 1 is so fast paced it led people to think that they jumped the shark and too much had happened. In between the happenings, there are also little moments of normalcy, humor, and happiness that make the stuff in later seasons hit much harder. 

Another thing season 1 does successfully is set up both sides of the situation. If Elliot takes down Evil Corp he will have avenged his father and freed Angela, along with the entire world, from their debts. However, Elliot’s boss at Allsafe is Gideon. Allsafe provides cybersecurity for Evil Corp. If Evil Corp gets taken down from a cyber attack, Allsafe will go under and boss man will lose everything. So it’s an interesting moment when Elliot looks into them.

In Mr. Robot, our friends lose most of the time and there are no perfect victories. You should also know that on this show, the craziest theories are the ones that turn out to be true. Moving on, one may think that Robot’s plan is almost word for word from Fight Club and it is. But the program makes no attempt to hide that influence, and they even play a piano cover of “Where is My Mind”. Despite his faults, Mr. Robot is a really fun character.

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