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Do you know how the electoral college works? After a heated U.S. presidential election, read about what comes next for the President-elect.

Was there election fraud occuring in Georgia this year? The Trump campaign claims there was, but how true are their claims?

AP and Reuters projected the U.S. election for Joe Biden, but does that mean he'll be the next president? Look inside the process.

The Trump Campaign held a press conference today in Philadelphia at a, unique location to say the least. Here's the best memes about it.

As the election news barreled along, all eyes were on Nevada, for some reason. Check out the funniest Nevada memes from the 2020 election.

Many major news networks are saying Joe Biden is the new U.S. President, but why? Learn why news networks call the election before it's over.

While the U.S. presidential election continue to be counted, Donald Trump claims he's won the race. Here's the best memes reminding us he hasn't won yet.

It's here! Election day is upon us. Laugh at these 2020 memes while you wait to vote or follow the election results.

The second 2020 preisdential debate was still ridiculous, even if it was more calm than the last. Get your debate highlights from these memes.