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Jeffrey Epstein, sex trafficker and convicted pedophile, had lots of friends in high places. What did they get away with?

Rumors have been circulating that Jeffrey Epstein could still be alive. Could Epstein have faked his death?

Ghislaine Maxwell's deposition dropped two weeks ago and people are still diving into it. Pore over the latest news now.

Stories about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein continue to unfold. Let's look at the allegations Maxwell abused Epstein's victims by his side.

Has Ghislaine Maxwell's new deposition affected her net worth? Learn more about the consequences of her court appearance.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz stood by Jeffrey Epstein during his pedophilia conviction. How close were the two men during Epstein’s lifetime?

Will we learn whether or not Jeffrey Epstein was an FBI informant? Discover the latest news about the Epstein document drops.

Jeffrey Epstein's former chef Adam Perry Lang is being pulled into a variety of court cases. Was he involved in the sex trafficking ring?

Alan Dershowitz is suing CNN over the way he was portrayed during the Trump impeachment coverage. What did they do to misportray Dershowitz?