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Believe it or not the newly passed COVID-19 bill will also be gifting us some more UFO news. Here's when you can expect to the news to come.

Supposedly Earth was denied citizenship in a real galactic federation. Here are the details you'll want to know.

¿De nuevo hay un monolito en otro lado del mundo? Entérate sobre las misteriosas apariciones y desapariciones de esta estructura.

In a story only 2020 could produce, a '2001: A Space Odyssey' like monolith appeared in Utah. Did a real UFO take it away?

NASA's Rover is one step closer to discover life on Mars. Could finding water soon mean finding aliens?

In September, a UFO came close to colliding with a commercial jet while it prepared to land at Leeds Bradford airport in the UK. Was it real?

We can’t get over the fact the U.S. government had to change UFO to UAP. What's the latest UFO news involving Trump?

Deleted scenes can make or break a film. Revisit 'Return of the Jedi' and other classics with bizarre deleted scenes.

Safety officers spotted a strange metal monolith in Utah. Could this weird object be proof UFOs are real?