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With the global COVID pandemic still running rampant around the USA, states are continually updating their mandates. Take a look at your state.

Former aide to Andrew Cuomo, Lindsay Boylan alleged he sexually harassed her. Here's how Twitter reacted to the claims condemning the New York Governor.

The future of the theater industry is in jeopardy thanks to the coronavirus. Will opening movie theaters in NYC be the saving grace?

Could a new contact tracing app stop another coronavirus outbreak? Learn the features and problems with a new U.S. app.

Keith Raniere’s sentencing date (finally) approaches. Will NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere get away with his crimes?

Is NYC going into a second quarantine? Discover why a spike in COVID could send New York into a second lockdown.

Alice Weiss-Russell recently filed a lawsuit against the Girl Scouts of America for having been sexually abused as a young girl.