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Ghislaine Maxwell has been in prison for almost four months now, but apparently a family friend of hers is trying to get her out.

A new mugshot of infamous actor Bill Cosby shows him smirking. It looks like the face of a man who doesn't regret his crimes or sentence.

Bill Cosby was already sentenced, so how did he managed to get an appeal for his case? The PASC reopened the case after sentencing based on two arguments.

Here's a ranking of the most sinister Cosby / Huxtable clips that are made all the more jarring knowing what we now know about Cosby's sexual harrassment.

Numerous TV shows have made the decision to cut the lead following controversy. How might these shows look without their problematic lead stars?

With almost a year having passed since the beginning of the #MeToo movement and the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against many powerful men in Hollywood, we’re taking