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While you wait for 'TharnType: The Series' season 2, here are some other great boy love dramas you can check out.

Boy love dramas have spread like wildfire & have now also taken over the rest of the world. Here are boy love dramas currently streaming on Netflix.

Here at Film Daily, we love ourselves a good boy love drama. Here are the all-time best ships from our favorite boy love dramas.

if you’re especially looking for some Korean boy love dramas to add to your watchlist, then look no further. Here are a few favorites.

'Love Sick: The Series' is a show based on an online novel titled 'LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys'. Here's why you should watch.

There’s something about Asian dramas that gets us hooked to them. Thinking of watching 'Bad Romance'? Here's why you should watch 'Together with me'.

Asian TV shows are rising in popularity thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Here are some of our favorite Thai boy love dramas available to stream.

We know the boy love addiction is real. These boy love dramas definitely need to be on your radar when they finally drop online this year.