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Mysterious monoliths have appeared in random places around the world in late 2020. Here's one monolith that provided a sweet treat at a San Francisco park.

With the global COVID pandemic still running rampant around the USA, states are continually updating their mandates. Take a look at your state.

California has had more than its fair share of serial killers and a lot of them committed their crimes in the 70s. What's up with that?

There are true crime cases so horrifying that you have to wonder about humanity as a whole. Here's a horrifying story from a family in California.

Are you a U.S. map and state trivia expert who just loves weird and wonderful facts? Prove it! Grab your hat and take our quiz.

The phenomenon known as the Utah monolith has been appearing all over the globe, and now has popped up in California. We're guessing where it goes next.

Milions of citizens voted by mail in the California election. Here's how mail-in ballots are letting dead people vote.

Is being stuck at home causing George and Amal Clooney to split? Peek inside their home renovations that started at the worst time.

Planning your post-quarantine vacation? We recommend Santa Barbara, CA. Here are all the reasons to visit the city.