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Albert Fish entertained himself with writing letters about his victims to taunt the grieved. Here's what the letters said.

Gary Heidnik had it in his head that he would force women to produce a perfect race of children for him. Here's the terrifying true story.

Uruguayan Air Force flight 571, also called Miracle of the Andes, crashed in the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Here's the terrible tale.

Alonzo Robinson, the cannibal who left plenty of corpses to rot until he was caught for the murder of the Turners in Cleveland. Here's what we know.

The relationship of cannibalism in film is . . . interesting to say the least. Here we have the best cannibal cinema to haunt your quarantine.

It's almost like looking in a mirror: Andrei Chikatilo was a man with a position of authority. But one wrong move, and suddenly he was a serial killer.

By the end of his reign of terror Andrei Chikatilo had killed over 50 people and was named "Butcher of Rostov". Here's what we know.

How on Earth, you may be asking, is a man who flaunts his crime not in jail? Here's everything we know about cannibal Issei Sagawa.

Cannibals are not our friends so we feel it’s justified to laugh at their expense and at times stupidity. Here's our favorite cannibal memes.