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Casey Anthony is going to open an investigation business. Find out what the former murder suspect is up to now.

Wondering where Casey Anthony is right now? Well, at the moment she's been diagnosed with COVID-19.

When the Casey Anthony case first hit the news, it shook the U.S. to its core. Years later, what is Casey Anthony doing now?

Casey Anthony was once the most hated woman in America. Find out what the former tabloid staple is doing now.

In 2020, Casey Anthony announced she’s making a movie entitled, 'As I Was Told'. Here's what could be in store.

Remember Casey Anthony? The woman at the center of a media hellscape around the premature death of her toddler? Here's an update on Anthony now.

You know the story of Casey and Caylee Anthony. Over ten years later, even as she moves on with life, the question lingers: did Casey kill her daughter?