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Need a lift to your spirits? Check out these cats who are also having a tough time existing in the world. They're sure to make you giggle.

It’s amazing how cats can contort their bodies to fit into anything: boxes, jars, baskets. Here are the best funny cat memes to make your day.

We love cats and cats . . . tolerate us. Check out these funny memes if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a cat.

We like to believe that we own our cats, but our cats own us. If you don't believe us, check out these funny cat memes to open your

Tired of quarantine? Well, so are cats. The kitties are meowing “Enough is enough!” Here are pictures proving your cat is so over quarantine.

Cats truly run the world. Their adorableness hides their plans to take over the world. These cat memes give us a peek into their plans of world domination.

Need something to chase away the sequestration blues? Here are some funny cat memes to help get you through quarantine.