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Protesters stormed and occupied the U.S. Capitol building today to disrupt the electoral confirmation process. Was security better in Area 51?

Season three of 'Cobra Kai' is here, and the cast is buzzing to share the latest deets. Karate chop your way into the new season by reading all

'Cobra Kai' found new life after Netflix bought the show. But is Netflix looking to expand the universe? Here's all the spinoff rumors explained.

Lo único bueno que trajo consigo la pandemia por COVID-19 fue que tuvimos tiempo de sobra para ponernos al día con nuestras series y programas favoritos. Aunque este

¿Liste para llevar el karate a un nuevo nivel con 'Cobra Kai'? Checa todos los detalles de la temporada 3.

We’ve been starved for more 'Cobra Kai' content for over a year now. Here's the latest teaser for the upcoming season 3.

‘Cobra Kai’ has become a streaming phenomenon on Netflix. Will the karate series be renewed after season 3?

'Cobra Kai' has become extremely popular now that it's on Netflix. Here's why we all need season 3 as soon as possible.

'Cobra Kai' has been a surprising hit on Netflix. If you're obsessed like everyone else, here's when to expect season 3 to debut on the platform.