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In January 2008, r/AskReddit was born. The subreddit has questions that routinely make it to the top of the main Reddit site. Here are the best.

It’s safe to say we’ve learned to always expect the unexpected. What's the latest QAnon news? Are they fighting for LGBTQ+ civil rights?

Attorney Sidney Powell has recently been fired from Donald Trump’s post-election legal team. Could this be a QAnon conspiracy?

Rumors have been circulating that Jeffrey Epstein could still be alive. Could Epstein have faked his death?

Here’s what we know about how QAnon is coming back on Twitter, and growing globally & in the streets.

An FBI bulletin released this year stated that, like QAnon, are a growing threat. Let's dive into the relationship between QAnon, Trump, and Twitter.

Why has Facebook has banned a large portion of QAnon's content? Is Twitter next? Let’s go ahead and walk through who the heck QAnon is.

Almost a year after Jeffrey Epstein’s death, it’s still not clear what exactly happened to him in his cell in the hours before he died. Here's why.

As if things couldn’t get any weirder, the Pentagon has officially created a new task force to investigate UFOs. What does this mean?