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¿Todavía no decides si ver la nueva película de Bob Esponja o no? Entérate de qué tan buena esta la peli de nuestra esponja favorita.

To celebrate Danny Trejo’s 75th birthday, we’ve ranked the eight most outrageous moments from the actor’s actual life and his bombastic career so far.

Adult Swim renewed 'Rick and Morty' for 70 more episodes. To celebrate, we rank the celebrity stars who've made guest appearances on the animated epic.

Let’s load up our machine guns, sharpen up those machetes, and get this show on the road – here’s a ranking of Robert Rodriguez’s ten most merciless movies.

While we wait for more news to drop about '3 from Hell', we think it’s definitely time to revisit Rob Zombie’s best films.

Idris Elba’s one busy guy. Here are some other leading ladies and gents we think would slay as the next James Bond . . . or Jane Bond!

Crowdfunding is now an accepted way to make and finance films. Let’s look at some of the biggest crowdfunded movies.

'¡Viva la Revolución!', gaining critical praise & awards on the festival circuit, marks Tony’s 4th film and stars Maite Perroni, Miya Cech, & Lonnie Chavis.

As we fast approach the savage TV wasteland of the middle of May, in which broadcast networks decide which shows to cancel and which ones to save, there’s