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There are few true-crime series more long-standing & popular than 'Dateline' on NBC. Here are the episodes you need to watch.

Have you been keeping up with true crime news? Let’s take a look at the first cases covered in the new season of 'Dateline NBC.'

The 'Dateline' podcast has become our go-to for catching up on our favorite show while we’re on the move. Here's the best episodes for you to get started!

One of the most horrific cases reported by 'Dateline' NBC, is the story of Dr. William Petit and his family. Here's what we know about the tragic case.

Full of people making the worst possible choices. Here are the 'Dateline' episodes that gave us those jaw-dropping OMG moments that are so satisfying.

'Dateline' has given audiences a peek at some of the strangest, scariest, dirtiest crimes. Here’s the strangest episodes to watch.

'Dateline' NBC has remained steadfast as the OG television true-crime docuseries. Here are the craziest of 'Dateline' NBC’s murder tales.