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Do you think the apology Ellen DeGeneres gave on her return to television was sincere? Learn what former employees have to say.

Ellen DeGeneres is back for her show's latest season! See how she addressed the controversy to her fans and decide if she's really changed her mean ways.

Will Ellen DeGeneres really change her mean ways? Discover what a former staff member said about working at her house.

It doesn't look like the rumors about Ellen DeGeneres are over yet, as a new source claims Ellen fired her producers to save her net worth.

Are the rumors that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi divorcing true? Take a closer look at the claims about their relationship.

In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out that she made an employee cry on the show. Many are saying this is proof she's mean, but is the tweet what

Neither Ellen DeGeneres or her wife Portia de Rossi acknowledged their wedding anniversary on social media this year. What's up with their marriage?

As all the accusations about Ellen DeGeneres being mean keep flying around, everyone is curious what her wife Portia thinks of all the allegations.

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to controversy, as plenty of tweets from the talk show host sent Twitter ablaze and got her in hot water.