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Ghislaine Maxwell is behind bars now, but for a long time, it looked like she'd slip away. Delve into new documents revealing how the FBI caught up to

As more documents come out from Ghislaine Maxwell's 2015 lawsuit, it was revealed Maxwell denied knowing about Jeffrey Epstein and his illegal activities.

New documents have been unsealed from Ghislaine Maxwell's 2015 lawsuit. Check out the secrets hidden in the documents.

A judge made a statement implying Ghislaine Maxwell is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. But how true is her statement?

As Ghislaine Maxwell awaits her 2021 trial, evidence is slowly but surely coming out about her activities with Jeffrey Epstein. Can they prove her guilty?

A new lawsuit in the news agaisnt Ghislaine Maxwell is cluing the public into Jeffrey Epstein's constant need for sex. How did this affect Epstein?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell getting special treatment while awaiting trial in prison? Learn who's saying she is and why her lawyers say she's not.

As Ghislaine Maxwell continues to await her trial in a Manhattan prison cell, many are wondering why we have yet to see a mugshot of Maxwell from the

Everyday, it seems like there's a new update about Ghislaine Maxwell and her upcoming criminal trial. What's the latest news about Maxwell?