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Director Shawnda Christiansen is trying to tell the story of the coronavirus pandemic with their new documentary 'Six Feet of Separation'.

Film director Oliver Yan's latest film 'Home Away' takes on the intense housing situation in China which broke society.

The short film 'Supremacy' is just a taste of what's to come from directors Mike Chat and Joe Lujan and producer Christian Larson.

The short film 'The Corner of Chaos and Serenity' is director Derek Rucas's first time trying to use film to send an important message.

The short film 'Chinatown: Keep Out' allows for filmmaker Tye Liu to experiment and make some creative choices. Learn more about the experimental short.

Film director Scott Wiper got burnt out by Hollywood, and found himself returning to his indie roots. Learn about his new indie film 'The Big Ugly'.

Film director Joe Stramowski has made a career out of emotionally sensitive films. His latest short film 'Borrowing' is no different.

The short film 'Spotted' takes a dark look at internet fan culture. Learn more about how this experimental short creatively tackles the topic.

Channeling the energy of a John Hughes film, the short film 'The Dealer on Campus' stacks plenty of laughs in its short runtime.