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Netflix comedy series 'History of Swear Words' discusses the origins of swearing. Watch our interview with the minds behind the madness.

Tyler Gallant loved acting since an early age, and after a career in hockey, he's making moves in Hollywood. Learn more about the indie film star.

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'Grand Army' and 'Shadowhunters' Sydney Meyer sat down with us to discuss her roles and any new ventures. Watch our exclusive interview.

Filmmaker Nicholas Rooney used to be an international diplomat, but now he makes thought provoking films.

Jermaine quick seems to have done it all, from working as a filmmaker to a hip-hop artist. Learn about his latest film here.

Get to know the filmmaker behind 'Landing Home' in this interview with indie creator Douglas Taurel.

Get to know the award winning filmmaker Joslyn Rose Lyons, she opens up about her inspirations and career.

What went on behind the scenes of 'Love Island USA'? Watch our exclusive interview with Lauren Coogan to find out.