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Ivanka’s former childhood friends released details about their childhood. Prepare to sip the tea about young Ivanka Trump.

While Donald Trump was running for office in 2016 he was asked to release tax returns, but he never did. Here are the leaked docs.

Is the U.S. doing enough to end human trafficking? Learn about the new DOJ efforts to stop human traffic in its tracks.

Looking for an irreverent way to brighten up your day? Take a look at a few of these Melania Trump memes on Twitter to give yourself a little

Do you want an exclusive look at the U.S. First Lady Melania Trump? Discover the tell-all book 'Melania and Me' and its most shocking parts.

With the RNC closing, many are trying to catch up with who's who in President Donald Trump's family. Here's a guide to the Trump family tree.

Did you know Steve Bannon raised money to build the Mexican wall, but used it to line his pockets instead? Delve into the timeline of his crimes here.