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Is Kris Jenner behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's divorce? Check out everything we know so far.

Twitter decided that Kanye West was secretly dating Jeffree Star. West hasn't said a thing, but Star addressed the debacle.

Is Kanye West Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? We want to know and we’re ready to dive into the latest YouTube storytime.

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The rumor is controversial beauty guru Jeffree Star could be involved in the Kimye scandal. Could his secret boyfriend actually be Kanye West?

Jeffree Star has never failed to make headlines. Has his most recent ex-boyfriend exposed Star for his scandalous ways? Let’s find out.

2020 has been awful, but there are just some people who made it that much worse. Here's Film Daily's hot take about who ruined 2020.

Jeffree Star just cannot escape the ire of the public this year. Now, the internet is wondering if the YouTuber wants to boost his net worth with fracking.

Jeffree Star has been under fire for all kinds of misdeeds this year. However, Twitter now has the actual receipts.